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  1. And it wasn't easy, either. He apparently struggled so much from devoting himself to being a Chaplin lookalike that he eventually committed the ol' unalive-a-roo. He chronicled his journey in his book Mein Kempf, if anyone wants to look into it.

  2. The funniest way I killed this demon was with gravity and I'm not even lying either I got it recorded on my switch

  3. Tried to delete and reinstall........... edit: don't ever attempt that.....

  4. that guy never had any information LMAO. he was trolling the entire time, it was so obvious. just properly read one of his statements and you'll realize he wasn't even forming coherent and proper sentences. yes he gave "proof" but photoshop exists and none of the staff in that discord server had any critical thinking skills anyway. i literally got straight up banned for reacting to a staffs message with L and a skull emoji and they were banning everyone who didnt like their or that "devs" messages lol.

  5. I killed my whole family after my wife divorced me and I got sentenced to death because I couldn't afford a good lawyer ☠️

  6. I find this amusing because most of the time those juvie kids are total A$$holes

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