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  1. Checking in from red town in Washington state. It's not the worst but it's not fantastic either. Also we have a religious cult trying to run our town but luckily we just (shockingly) voted out the corrupt sheriff.

  2. Coming from a very blue town in Washington state to a red town in a fairly balanced (although red leaning this cycle) state, most people have no idea how politically similar most of the country is outside of the small pockets of extremes. Our political division is pretty disappointing when all it would take is putting ego aside to recognize common values.

  3. No, it removed a part of your penis, which is still a part of your body. Technically labiaplasty is mutilation as well, as again a part of the body is removed. You're applying an emotional component to a word that is being used in a technical sense, and using that to get riled up. At the end of the day, BOTH of those things are technically a mutilation. Where people get worked up is the consent and cosmetic alteration part of it. In the scenario you brought up about a woman getting labiaplasty, she CHOSE to have part of her body permanently removed. If someone had done it to her as a baby to make it "look more attractive", it would be just as reprehensible. It boils down to consent.

  4. Look, I won’t try to change your mind. I know it won’t work.

  5. Not once in my comment did I tell you that you should feel angry or ashamed, I related my own thoughts and experience on the subject. I feel neither anger nor shame about it myself, more a sense of wistful regret. But whether you want to admit it or not, by the technical definition of the word, circumcision IS mutilation. It's a removal of part of the body, which is the literal definition of mutilation, fullstop. Your knee-jerk reaction to the word is your own problem, I'm just pointing out your cherry-picking of a definition and your obstinate refusal to admit that mutilation is the correct term to use, regardless of what emotions you personally wish to attach to it.

  6. See, the problem with the debate is it’s not a knee-jerk reaction, more interpretation. If you compare it to female genital mutilation it’s not even close. For sake of simplicity, (non-functioning) skin was removed that results in no difference in pleasure for myself or my wife. I’d generally put it in a grey area based on experience of my own as well as a close friend’s. That’s why I originally said it was fine if another guy thought theirs was mutilated but it wasn’t fair to project that on me or other people that didn’t agree. You think your dick was mutilated. That’s cool. I don’t think mine was. That’s cool too. I’m not trying to invalidate your perception of your own penis, but people that have no experience with mine are constantly trying to invalidate my perception of my own.

  7. A student owning it doesn’t phase me much. I went back to college again later in life after I’d made plenty of money. It wasn’t unusual for me to drive my Lotus or Aston to class because I knew the other students loved seeing it parked out front.

  8. I do such small scale carbon work I’ve never worn it for that, but I use it for production paint work.

  9. I’m a spray pilot because it’s easier to make a living spraying than driving race cars. I’m a mechanic out of necessity. I don’t otherwise get excited about aviation.

  10. Isn't posting about how little you give a shit about said event giving a shit?

  11. I spose, maybe? Maybe not? I’d validate it based on context. I am so indifferent to the World Cup I had to google it to find out it was soccer (I don’t follow soccer, but cool, I understand some people are really excited about it).

  12. Could be either/both. Usually if a mousse is no good it’s pretty obvious, but not all mousses work with all tires either.

  13. I grew up in a smaller town. I’m bi, so a little of this, a little of that. I had some gay porn between my mattress and box spring. Some “friends” and my ex gf found it while I was at work. That shit spread like fucking wildfire. My ex gf and her new bf had a blast outing me to anybody who would listen. This was all about 15 years ago and it haunts me to this day. When I texted her and begged her to stop, she responded with “HAHAHAHAHAHA!” and we never spoke again.

  14. 2 things you can rest assured about: She knows she sucks. She tells everyone she dated a gay person in high school for street cred.

  15. I lived in San Francisco for 17 years. I've seen homeless people giving / gettig blowjobs, shitting on the sidewalk, shooting up, etc. Saw a guy go up to a flock of pigeons, somehow manage to grab one, and seemingly break its neck.

  16. I grew up in Seattle and it was the same way. The worst part is they’d get mad at you like you were invading THEIR privacy.

  17. I almost did that in an ultralight once. But a normal GA plane should never be that low.

  18. I fly under them 100’s of times a day.

  19. Just depends on what you’re after. The 250’s gonna be far more maintenance intensive.

  20. It's like everyone on Reddit is still in a turkey coma

  21. It is more likely a “mute” button for the stereo so you can answer calls.

  22. Haven’t tested yet, but I’m thinking that it will. I saw some guys on YouTube running full size cans on a 938 without any issue

  23. My 938 runs awesome with a can. It’s so much fun to shoot.

  24. All sorts of stuff I’d never say when I’m not horny.

  25. And that reddit obsession with safety wire is a mystery to me.

  26. I’m guessing it’s coz most Reddit A&P’s quit when they failed safety wire day.

  27. Baja Designs will build you a custom stator to power a light, and a custom kit for your bike. They’re very customer oriented and happy to answer all your questions over the phone and help build a solution that works for you.

  28. I’d have bought a Desert Tactical/Desert Tech 20 years ago if the grip didn’t suck so bad. All they had to do was make it AR grip compatible and I’d be their biggest fan.

  29. There are A LOT of employers that really do care about you. Y’all upset ones are just working at the wrong places.

  30. Idiots, but the trolling is genius. Cancelled out in my book

  31. Yeah. I’ll give this one a pass cuz it amuses me.

  32. He must be rich. Or at least richer than me.

  33. Divorce rates are high because people don’t stay in shitty toxic relationships anymore. People don’t just “stay for the kids” anymore either.

  34. Please don’t take offense to this, because I don’t mean any, it’s just something I needed to hear a few years ago.

  35. You can’t get healthy in the environment you got sick in. Some people just don’t belong together and that’s okay. It’s much better to realize that then stay in a relationship that makes you miserable, which is my main point.

  36. Oh trust me, I get it. My parents are a prime example of two people who would be happier apart yet equally contribute to their toxic relationship if you look with a careful eye. Unfortunately the reality is they could both be very happy together if they’d both overlook their own selfishness and find a way to support the other’s betterness.

  37. Sort of. During severe weather the color comes from the amount of water vapor in the clouds, not actual hail itself.

  38. Yeah a meteorologist friend of mine always told me green meant a super tall storm cloud (and thus a ton of moisture) and the green was the refraction of the light through the height and moisture.

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