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  1. Aw I can’t wait for this day with my gf

  2. Always. If you see a spider in your garden leave it. That lil bugger will help keep away most of the bugs you don’t want. Used to have a “pet” daddy long legs that lived on my Ghost Pepper plant last year and guess what. My ghost pepper was my second biggest plant. Then again the carpenter ants also had an aphid farm on my sunflowers (post bloom so idrc) so still keep an eye out

  3. The area around sunflowers can often be devoid of other plants, leading to the belief that sunflowers kill other plants.

  4. Ah I grew mine in pots since the soil here sucks and I didn’t feel like tearin up the yard lol. I’m gonna have to grow some in the yard next season tho or maybe throw some snap dragon seeds in the pots too just to see what happens

  5. Love how he said well fuck and chugged the rest of his beer. Did the same thing yesterday but with some crappy wine lol. Poured me a glass to sip that I set down and forgot about cause it tastes like ass lol and went to do somethin else but then I got upset (not gonna say why cause it’s kinda tmi) and said fuck it and chugged the rest of the glass and poured me another lol. And lemme tell ya for bein cheap nasty wine that shit is strong. One glass gets me tipsy lol

  6. Lol had a swig of shitty wine like that yesterday

  7. Me and my gf (both trans) are both subs but I’m 5’ 7” and she’s 6’ 2” lol

  8. My moms family is from moundsville and I’ve never heard of this from any of them

  9. Go in a penitentiary tour next time you’re in town and you’ll see it

  10. I promise, you learn super quick how to function with nails this long. But I appreciate they aren't for everyone, I do love doing this length though on myself or others ☺️

  11. Mine are about half as long and I’m constantly cursin myself because I can’t frickin type on computers anymore lol

  12. Wait what’s an orbiter lol? I have discord but only to text my gf lol

  13. Back when Ocarina was just called Zelda 64, and was supposed to, or thought to come out earlier. Didn't co.e out until AFTER both my brother's and my birthdays in November, so it had to be a Christmas gift to him that year (and I got Banjo-Kazooie for my birthday that year).

  14. Lol I completely forgot about Banjo Kazooie. The first time I played it with my dad I hated it but it quickly grew on me and eventually me and my little sister would play it all the time in between games of Goldeneye and Top Gear Rally

  15. Cool outfit! The pink stripes on the socks are pretty cool; I may have to get myself a pair

  16. Women because I prefer fem presenting people as is. Plus there’s always trans girls lol

  17. When I first read it I thought you were saying that it snapped while you brushing your teeth on the toilet. Lol was about to ask if that’s something people actually do.

  18. I did it once but brushing my teeth sitting down feels really weird for some reason

  19. Ight I’ll bite. What’s their name? They’re adorable

  20. Get rid of the teddy bears and I’d totally wear that around the house

  21. Yep my 89yo great grandma with dementia can remember my name and pronouns perfectly fine and has only misgendered me a couple times on accident. Meanwhile my 47yo father with Alzheimer’s refuses to use either my name or pronounce. Just cause they have memory problems or are old doesn’t mean nothin. It’s all about their character and the kind of person they are. My great grandma has always been a saint and my dad as always been a low life with a power fetish

  22. I see a pride flag and a Swedish number plate...

  23. Is there somethin wrong with that? I thought the lil pride flag was a nice touch

  24. As long as it was boiled afterwards I’m down. Most of the solids just got filtered out

  25. Yeah we’re boutta leave and I just can’t wait to listen to my uncle misgender me the whole time then say “sorry Jay still workin on it” like he has been for the last year

  26. I would and have. He was also pre-everything and was more androgynous than masc but god damn was he hot. We only dated for 3 months but I really did like him. We had a lot in common and got along really well for the most part he was just a little too controlling and clingy for me

  27. I highly highly suspect that you will get the money as the money is allocated to a specific person, not a person who happens to have a certain name if that makes sense. You're still that individual and will have evidence to show such as proof of name change. Easy example which I'm sure happens all the time is with women who change their last name during marriage. They are still the same person and can prove so easily. I'm not 100% sure you're fine but I'm very close to that

  28. Ok that makes sense thank you. I’ll talk with him and my aunt about it when it gets closer to time for me to change my name since they’ll be more accustom to it by then and whatnot

  29. Lol usually what happens is my gf sends me one and I call her sexy and then she says no you so I send one and say no you and we go back and forth with the no you’s till I eventually give up cause I’m not as dedicated to it as her lol

  30. Seems like there's been a huge uptick in recent transphobia. A couple days ago, the Celeste subreddit got hacked and the hackers put a lot of transphobic stuff on there. And I've been seeing people trying to stir up trouble between trans men and women here for a couple weeks now. Saying that trans women feel uncomfortable around trans men, which is almost universally false.

  31. Yeah ngl I got so tired of all the trans fems hate trans mascs posts I left the sub (only reason I saw this post is cause Reddit hates me). As much as I love

  32. Wait what site and how did just visiting it get you dossed?

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