1. The dorm room revolutionaries always imagine they'll be in the vanguard of the takeover - it never seems to occur to them that there's always someone much more brutal than they are, just waiting in the wings and biding their time. Leon Trotsky was a thoughtful, intellectual college kid, the kind that even your mom would say was a nice boy. All that got him was an axe to the skull in a cheap apartment in Mexico City.

  2. I mean, they’re both adults, so there’s not much to “ew” about. Personally that kind of age difference would make me uncomfortable in my own life, but not everyone is the same. A 21 year old woman is an adult free to make her own choices, she’s not some child being groomed. She takes a fancy to some older person, that’s her business as an adult. Kinda mean to say “ew.”

  3. Sure, as we’re clearly in the “decadent wealthy empire that’s actually rotting inside” stage of civilization, what’s the harm in putting a few deviants and fetishists into office. Just make the descent into crumbling clownworld even more apparent.

  4. Maybe we can have a horse appointed to a district court next.

  5. Yes, I see that as a viable role for AOC sometime in the near future.

  6. Didn't read the article, but is the prevailing opinion here that a stable or declining until stable birthrate a bad thing? Because I fully subscribe to that view. We're destroying the earth, cities are way overcrowded, housing is unaffordable, and we're losing so many jobs to automation that a continued population growth would just create a larger class of part-time impoverished laborers. My decision to not have kids is primarily personal (don't want any,) but it's also informed by environmental and quality of life considerations. I'd never suggest that other people should make the same decision if they genuinely want kids; good for you, go for it. But I don't understand the hate that I'm seeing her for people that don't want to reproduce.

  7. The unaffordablilty of housing is partly artificial. Both Asia and the West have an unaddressed issue with rich people and corporations buying up housing as an “investment” and just squatting on it for years. Those famous “ghost cities” in China? A lot of the housing in them is owned by fucking millionaire assholes who just squat on them and keep them empty.

  8. My point is tho, we shouldn’t be living in a society where a viable political opinion is “I don’t like this group of people because of their race, gender, sexuality, etc.” That is already allowing them too much

  9. Here in Brazil, we had an exposition at a museum where children could come and touch the genitalia of naked adult men.

  10. Yeah, I’m not checking out a MAGA link. Go jerk off to thinking about Trump or cry about genders or something.

  11. What kind of troll are you supposed to be, anyway? You should find another line of work cos you suck at trolling, bruh.

  12. I'm not dead yet but everyone should know that I was pressured into getting the shots by my employer.

  13. Mocks those that want to exercise bodily autonomy and acts smug that she's the smartest person in the room. Most likely was the type that wished death on people. No sympathy or amnesty from me.

  14. I can’t be happy she had a miscarriage though. That’s a tragedy no one deserves.

  15. The more u hear from Trump I don't understand how Howard Dean hasn't suicide vest attacked Trump for all the shit that hasn't touched him and Dean's presidential hopes died because he yelled or cheered funny one time.

  16. Howard Dean—-there’s a name I haven’t heard in years.

  17. I checked the person’s bio… standard proud list of mental and physical disorders and offbeat gender identities front and center.

  18. Thankyou for sharing though. Its really important to be reminded about how they treat us and try to constantly divide us.

  19. I mean, every other riot you hear about in India seems to be Muslims and Hindus having some difference of opinion, so I don’t know if it’s really some plot by Daily Mail readers to divide people.

  20. Good. They don't add any value to the business. They are jobs given to Diversity Hires to keep them out of trouble.

  21. I believe there was a strain of thought that associated Jews with capitalism which was/is not the case for Christians and Muslims, so I don’t think it can be totally explained by religion good v. religion bad.

  22. The amount of pearl clutching over something that is this extremely online is over exaggerated.

  23. To anyone who still thinks the Palestine issue purely a Muslim-Jewish religious squabble, it’s worth noting this lady was a Catholic. Israeli riot cops were also beating the shit out of mourners on the way to the church to attend her funeral.

  24. I mean, probably? But there is the whole NATO mutual defense thing, and it wouldn’t be the first time that a web of ill-considered treaties among Europeans dragged the globe into a world war.

  25. If this all goes south tell Gucci I love him

  26. Reparations will never happen. Sometimes democratic politicians will talk about them, but they would never actually try to implement them, as the attempt would tear the democratic party apart and might well result in the end of the party. Asians, hispanic people, and poor whites would defect to the republican party, as it would become apparent that "We're going to raise your taxes to give lots of money to black people" would in fact not be popular at all.

  27. That’s my instinct, but on the other hand nobody expected the Republicans to YOLO on Roe v. Wade and yet here we are. Never underestimate the fragility of the balance between people who just talk about achieving ideological stretch goals, and people who will say “fuck it” and take their shot when the opportunity presents itself.

  28. Which is precisely why it was never done. Ending abortion was like a carrot on a stick that kept them voting. It’s notable that 1980s golden age of Evangelical influence they never pulled it off; it was in the whacky woke 2020s when Evangelical influence was much less in broader US society, but apparently much stronger the post-Trump GOP.

  29. Well, that’s one of the reasons. Entering women’s athletic competitions and kicking their asses because you have 30% more muscle strength by default is another common point of contention.

  30. There was an askreddit thread a while back that was something like "women of reddit, what surprised you about men?". One of the top comments remarked at just how many of the answers were women being surprised that men had complex human feelings just like they do. I don't entirely know what to make of that, but I know it isn't good.

  31. I mean its kinda good news, these types of events were very common throughout 2015-2019.

  32. Ah, good ol’ TwoX, a sub for women, by women, but overwhelmingly populated by “women.”

  33. Pardon me if I find it a little suspect that a full 20% of voting machines in Maricopa stopped working on Election Day.

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