1. I wish you could at least pet the little fucker, but I maybe be just too early into the game, started playing it just today

  2. You can pet them when relaxing in the hotsprings

  3. Don't freak out spoiler: the first bit of the game 10mins about are spent seperated from your palico but you are reunited right away.

  4. Ya know, people can be poor too. Pretty poor taste of anyone to make fun of few belongings.

  5. Genuine question , how hated are Arabs in the US ?

  6. None by some, little by some, lots by some. Same as anywhere I believe. Some people are truly racist, some are truly not racist at all. Generally, far from cities and population hubs is more racist by comparison. I personally think all humans are equal, until they (as an individual) prove otherwise with their actions.

  7. There is no paradox. Truth is evaluated by something other than "trust me bro". Otherwise, you could value anything however you pleased, and no definition would matter (or be verifiable) because all truth would be equivalent. So one cannot just suppose something true or false; something is true or false based on realities. So if you think of the lair "paradox" as a paradox, then you allow truth to be defined in a self referential manner - which is wrong. Instead, the liar paradox is not a paradox, it is just a poorly defined and incomplete thought experiment.

  8. Going to do my part to not vote for this rancid leaking sack of piss

  9. It will be different this time, I promise. 🤞

  10. I hear there's oil in Mexico too, almost shocked we haven't invaded! Heavy /sarcasm

  11. Omg, how much memory for 1 second filming? That’d be a legit 1 trillion frames to process right?

  12. Just one frame. Shutter closing = picture taken. It would need to both open AND shut in half a trillionth of a second repeatedly to do video.

  13. Very similar as someone who spent too much time with cities skylines

  14. Thank God for that red circle and arrow, I don't think I would have known what to look for.

  15. this is the charge blade post of all time

  16. It will rise, but eventually performance optimizations will happen. I imagine most will be fine if disabling screen space reflections, volumetric clouds, and ray-trace (if any). The potential lowest settings will be very accessable I believe. This is going off the "potato mode" lowest settings in KSP1.

  17. Got vaccinated, and I wear my mask. Simple as

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