1. Wow they look really good all stacked up like that. I’m a dirty epub reader haha

  2. Fella must have had deep rooted childhood issues.

  3. Shadows, Foundation and ground wear around the buildings entrance

  4. So basically, outside of Spain, there are very few Spanish speakers in other European countries.

  5. Judging a book by its cover!? Cardinal sin. Prepare to die, prejudice pulp pusher

  6. Colourful cheerful flappy wavy arm man entrance. Kids loved it. Why not.

  7. Wow, you are that stupid! He created PayPal, which he then sold, and started tesla. He invented his version of the electric car, a rocket that is reusable, through a company he started called space x. He started a company that's gonna revolutionize traffic in California. He's started a company called nurolink, which will help disabled people at first and then help the rest of humanity to evolve. Exactly what have you done besides sit in your moms basement and jerk off to Carl Marx?

  8. He didn’t create PayPal, his shitty business merged with the industry leader. Then he was ousted as CEO of, as he was awful. PayPal was created after Musk left. Why do people continuously romanticise this guy is beyond me. He’s a coattail grabbing mouthpiece.

  9. I had trouble with this so was advised to write down what I could remember then write alternative endings or changes to the parts I didn’t like. Not sure if it was that or earlier bed times that helped.

  10. Found the main protagonist of this fucked up sun we’re all NPCs in. Hope you’re happy Jonny Kim!

  11. All I can see when I look at Thor is Hulk Hogan

  12. You just know it’s going to be a burned out crack den with that description (or lack of)

  13. Ok, now post your Son’s attempt to see how similar to daddy’s it is

  14. Well he's only 10 months so he is more likely to eat them than paint lol

  15. Haha I was being a jerk sorry. Really though your 3.5 is on a great path!

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