1. They do, Cold War was on sale before MW2 launched. Don't know about the others. Also try to check Steam.

  2. Message queues are only one style of inter-service communication.

  3. Hello, not necessarily Rest or Websocket, but I have implemented an example of how to structure a sustainable enterprise web api. You can check it out here:

  4. Honestly if it’s not House of the Devil (which it has to be! You described the end almost exactly), then it might be Drag Me to Hell.

  5. I skimmed through HotD for a second time and can't find a scene with Satan. Anyway it ends with someone in a coma.

  6. A good bit older and it’s in more of a church, but could it be The Devils Rain? Definitely had a striking goatman in it that was a practical effect

  7. That's the first google suggestion, but unfortunately it's not it.

  8. Hello, I was in the same boat as you. That's why I implemented this

  9. This reminds me of when I was in high school and I was supposed to study for the finals.

  10. "The English are terrorizing all of Scotland and it's time for us to fight back"

  11. Whenever you see DX related media, you get that urge to install the game and play it again.

  12. Hey, I've wondered the same and built this:

  13. Nice! I must admit (to my determent) outside of work I haven't really used type providers. They are pretty amazing though.

  14. Yes, compiler support for raw SQL is unparalleled. Although I don't know if it works on VS2022, I had problems when trying out, but it was still in release candidate.

  15. Well that's certainly the most code I've seen to implement a controller with three actions.

  16. I have seen 8 different layers of indirection for a controller. it's a crazy world we live in.

  17. That doesn't mean anything, it's crystal clear how things are hooked up. It's code that fits in your head.

  18. All that code that you're seeing represents different cross cutting concerns, as more actions are added these ccc don't need to be written again.

  19. It's the episode that cemented the series as being my favorite. This perfect ending 👌

  20. Can someone please tell me if there are novels on the subject?

  21. Well technically, the Plutus pioneer program is self contained. So all you need is there.

  22. It should be possible via pointer addresses. But it's up to the platform providing the services. Maladex wants to use this feature but I don't know if for stablecoins specifically.

  23. It might be spiteful and might come from jealousy in some cases. But this is a general argument. It applies even better to other cases.

  24. I don't know what these people have done to garner such sentiments, can you please explain?

  25. There are several things to observe here.

  26. For us even one stake pool is enough as all delegators will receive the iso rewards regardless of saturation.

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