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  1. Send me your address, I'll hook you up.

  2. Send me your address, I still have many more. :)

  3. It’s nice when brokers advertise this. Let’s us know which shares to DRS the fuck away from them first

  4. I DRSd from WS way back in 2021. And those fucks charged me $300 to do it. I hope more people figure out how much of a scam they are.

  5. Yeah. I feel your pain. I had a few shares in Webull and I decided to avoid their fee and sell and then move the cash for free.

  6. I would say that was a fail. You should have transferred.

  7. DRS. Wealthsimple don't actually buy your shares.

  8. Are they setting up expectations of HALTS during MOASS?

  9. Probably generated by AI. I only have one daddy and GAMESTOP is what he do.

  10. 17 millions shares? I think you got the wrong number. We're up to 80 million now.

  11. I was pretty late to the party, that added time allowed me to get 98% more shares than if this would have ended on Jan 28th. Just saying.

  12. BMO only took 4-5 days for me. Mind you it was only for a purchase of 100 shares that I bought this month. I wonder if older shares take a longer time to process. When did you purchase these shares?

  13. DRSing through RBC is only $50. I believe BMO is free, and IBKR is $5.

  14. BMO is free and takes like 4-5 days if you already have a CS account.

  15. It will turn into the next Berkshire Hathaway.

  16. Why so down? Need a friend to chat with?

  17. Now you know where to put your other shares. :)

  18. Yes, one cell for 4 of those scumbags. So they can keep themselves warm in winter.

  19. My broker hasnt failed me (yet). Filled during the sneeze and countless other times whereas CS has failed me. That's my own experience and everyone has their own unqiue one. I was just sharing mine as the post asked. I like the stock, as do you. Whatever happened to Ape no fight ape?

  20. I tested a tiny sell order on CS to see speed first hand during the last 2 run ups and they didn't fill in an entire day essentially missing the peak, even though my orders were 5% below current market price. Ended up settling 20% lower than I could've sold instantly in my TSFA. First hand experience is making me not trust CS anymore and I've pulled all my shares back into my TSFA.

  21. You sold when you could have easily transferred them back, this smells of fud.

  22. you sound fragile like your play is... inferior or compromised? there are others stocks, and MANY meme stocks. who have these stocks the meme moniker? not retail. it's a label. there's more than 1 play. I can't help it if you can't upstand options and a proper time to buy them to increase your position, I also can't help that you can't see that you can play other stocks to increase YOUR worth and possibly your gme position.

  23. I'm not upset by any of this. It just proves to me that GME is going to rip hard when it does. I'm jacked!

  24. Shift+5 = %. Dumb stormtroopers can't type.

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