1. My instagram doesnt even work. I Open the app and get a white screen. Does anyone has it also? Pls help

  2. When this happened to me someone reported me and I was banned for a week app wouldn't load what I had to do was log in through the internet and it said I was banned and whatever else then it started working again

  3. It works through the internet perfectly though

  4. Idk mine was the same worked on the internet but the app was all blacked out usually a sign of a ban or something but thatd just from my own experience it could be a glitch or something

  5. Could be wrong last time this happened to me someone reported me and I was banned for a week

  6. Thats the problem he sells out of stuff quick he does restock sometimes though

  7. Mentioned it a few times a guy on instagram named makes them and other flags and anime stickers just have to see what he has available at the time though he sells out quick

  8. I always use the implant that makes your attack always hit the selected body part. You will also have better luck if you’re not doing elemental damage.

  9. So what was the point of this he spelled it like you said 🤦🏽‍♂️

  10. Suppose to have an interview scheduled next week anything I should know to expect is it like a regular interview for a regular job like come dressed up in a shirt and tie sit with the boss they ask you questions and all that?

  11. It's definitely not a fancy attire event. I'd be prepared for them to ask you questions, and depending on the warehouse you might get a facility tour. Dress casual and clean, be attentive, and you'll do great!

  12. Oh one more thing I read they have you do a lift test whats that all about do they like have you lift something heavy or what?

  13. So do I have to sleep like morning to midday to night to resert things or do I have to sleep like the full day till the next? I just started like 2 weeks ago just looking for all the evee lol

  14. I'm on 0 as my first and I thought that one was weird but fun as hell 🤣

  15. You have a certain armor equipped. Stand still for a while, then you'll see an effect around Majima's body which reflects the bit by bit healing.

  16. Oh that could be why yah ikl stand still and he has this like aura around him an heals slowly

  17. Everytime you do a heat action in slugger (baseball bat) style it recovers a little health. That could be why

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