1. I guess it would probably be better referred to as confusion debuff.

  2. Corruption works as a debuff for confusion, however, you can not cause it in conjunction with just Purity, as these 2 elements cancel each other out. That said, you can use it to extend an already active Confusion debuff, even if the Purified Status Effect is actove.

  3. Tantalus Reverse? ... did they all take the shortcut path where they can't land on the track anymore, because that path is bugged?

  4. Dual Swords has a skill called "God Of Wind" which is a kick to the enemy's body. Combined with the Custom Skiill for increased Ki Damage, it hits like an absolute truck for Ki Damage, you can

  5. Ahh, a fellow Ubume Enjoyer, that Soul Core is an absolute monster in destroying Ki, as long as she doesn't push enemies put of range.

  6. So on my trip towards the Depths, I encountered Toshimitsu. A boss I wanted to do hitless in the Depths. And while fighting him, I kinda realized... I don't think I wanna do him hitless in the Depths, so I got my Penance Stone and did it here, Underworld floor 80-something.

  7. Just curious what your build is? Im thinking about an AA agility sentience tonfa build. (Also thinking about a AA agility moonlit snow sentience build for for funsies)

  8. 7 pcs Susanoo, 6pcs+ Moonlight Flutist, Yumehami is my Primary Guardian Spirit. Ki Damage is still mostly in focus for this build i am having, Susanoo is there for Versatility. I find that playstyle immensely fun.

  9. I pretty much just mean I hope parrying isn't literally the only thing you do, i.e. I can swing my sword once in a while lol.

  10. It is not as varied as Nioh 2's combat, you only use a single main weapon and a bunch of tools and items that give you an advantage, some of them are more necessary than others, pay attention to particularily "Divine Confetti", some enemies are almost impossible without it.

  11. We don't know yet, we can only speculate.

  12. Rise of the Ronin, according to some interview, was actually on the work for a very long time.

  13. That's interesting to hear, considering the apparent change in playstyle and design, it makes sense why this would take so long as this is definetely is their most ambitious project.

  14. Honestly, the biggest problem Redout 2 has is the weird career difficulty curve. It goes from almost impossibly difficult to even keep up with Redout Level AI in B-League to pretty much stomping on Nightmare AI in late A-League to the point where the challenge almost goes completely missing.

  15. Nice job there! How long did that Kasha fight take at the end in total? I personally couldn't bear the thought of it taking longer than 5 minutes, especially considering that I'm trying to specialize on hitless runs

  16. You mean the buffs at the beginning? Omnyo Tree Mystic that Art makes you cast spells faster.

  17. I meant the buffs at the beginning. I have that same mystic art but it doesn’t seem to do anything. When I go to the skill tree there is a red ‘Set’ button that I can click but it still doesn’t appear to change my casting speed.

  18. Are you sure you have the right one equipped? If it has "Set" on it, you should be able to have faster casting speed.

  19. This was a bit of a nightmare. Kasha is a boss that is a bit hard to no-hit because of the trails her attacks sometimes leave.

  20. You look stiff like a rock when she looks at you, trying loosening yourself a little!

  21. Initially Dual Sword because I'm a Katana Freak. After that, i warmed up to Tonfa and then i noticed they can be guns.

  22. Strictly speaking, you're not fighting the Nyotengu from DoA, but most likely her mother. If you take Nyotengu's age (1018 years) and substract it from the year she first appeared (2014), you come out in a time period a few hundred years after The First Samurai plays!

  23. oh yea she’s in the game and eager to stamp our faces with her shoes, permanently

  24. She also has a really savage grab and a counter in which you get spanked to death.

  25. It's my CHARACTER's mother, not MY mother!

  26. If you slow down, you actually see a piece of scenery glitching through the road here. That's what you are colliding with.

  27. Yeah, there must be something wrong with the clock. It seems to rounding out to flat second a lot.

  28. Yeah, the devs are aware of this bug.

  29. reddit is a funny place. First blind playthrough i found moonveil by chance and had a certified blast with it. Then you go online and find out that the thing you like is Bad Actually and its somehow bad to like them

  30. When I beat the game with the Moonveil and discussed it with some "friends" from a discord, they pretty much went on a tirade when I mentioned beating Malenia with it, because "I didn't beat her like a man", one of the guys tried to (first time) beat her with just parrying. I think he never did it, I never talked to them about it afterwards.

  31. You mind if I crosspost this to the Elden Ring sub? I wanna see how much of the playerbase has given Nioh 2 a shot

  32. If, then the Dark Souls subreddit, Elden Ring is not referenced in any way in this post.

  33. I mean, darksouls isn’t really known for its deep combat mechanics. You’re comparing the absolute strongest part about Nioh with one of the weaker parts of the souls series. The exact opposite can be made in favour of dark souls in many cases too.

  34. I said something similar in my comment above, but while Dark Souls combat isn't too complex its still the main thing you do in Souls games and a very recognizable aspect of those games.

  35. I don't think the Tonfa have enough beyblade moves for that if you're talking about the modern MH games

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