1. Well on it's debut journey out today it hit a can at like 10 yards. But I've only shot it a few times and haven't properly sighted it in yet so I can't give a full review. I know it's clear, feels good, looks pretty good, and the eye relief is about half an inch from the lense.

  2. Hey, it doesn't give you that true ACOG experience unless using it feels like you're putting in a contact lens.

  3. I'm somewhat interested, but I'm concerned about the insane LOP.

  4. yea but why not show the actual gun instead of an email, if i wanted to go on a side mission i would

  5. Because the website shows the actual gun, but it doesn't mention pricing. It just says to contact them.

  6. Wow I wish I was bored enough and rich enough

  7. This is one of the cheapest setups you'll see in this sub, especially for a two stamp setup.

  8. They’ll for sure deny you for it if you leave it. But if you can get a new RPQ sheet with the correct data and upload it, you should be fine. Being that it’s a form 4, you’ll likely have to ask your dealer to upload it for you unless you did the form yourself for some reason. Just get the new file ready and label it CORRECTED or whatever and upload. Then when the examiner gets to it they will see both the wrong and corrected one and you should be good. I accidentally uploaded an unsigned RPQ and then uploaded a second one with the signature and was gtg.

  9. Someone didn't actually pay attention to the post body.

  10. It worked pretty well. I grew up thinking that only cops and bad guys had guns. Didn't know anyone that hunted. Didn't know anyone that had a gun for fun or home defense. It just wasn't a thing in my area.

  11. This is 1 side of the story, Op never even said what the issue was with the holster, their review could have been a bunch of bullshit that wasn’t appropriate (we have no idea bc they never said what it was). Everyone on the internet is so quick to destroy reputation of a company for one small scenario without even knowing the whole story. There is 0 evidence that TIER 1 did anything wrong nor was it a bad product. They gave OP a full refund then they proceeded to hound T1 more.

  12. I heard that they get their barrels from Faxon and that they are button rifled. That is just hearsay and is probably wrong, but it's the only information on it that I have heard from anyone.

  13. They finish with vs. Utah, @ Cal, vs UW, @ Oregon, and vs. UCLA. Not to mention they also play @ Arizona State (desert magic), @ Colorado (much improved), and @ ND. They have a really tough slog to get through. I just don't see it. Their recruiting and transfer class still didn't bring enough pieces defensively to stop anyone. It will be hard for any team to get through the Pac-12 and into the CFP.

  14. I'm going to pretend you were suggesting that playing @ Cal is a challenge for a playoff contender.

  15. This sub is mad every fucking day about what the committee does and you’re going to act like you know what they would do? I don’t think the committee would have any problem overlooking a 49-0 loss considering DG had a brain injury for it. I know Texas fans hate admitting that our only good QB being injured is an important factor, but it’s pretty damned important and the exact kind of criteria the committee can and will make up to justify a team they want in the playoffs for monetary purposes.

  16. Be careful with the new NFA laws. Apparently all your homies need to be on a trust to shoot your cans. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

  17. No, that's just an answer on a FAQ. It has no legal significance.

  18. yeah, that would be wild! I have seen some people claim that happens with some silencers but I have never personally seen it.

  19. It's certainly possible. It could act like a bore evacuator on a tank gun.

  20. I stash mine where the passenger airbag is supposed to be.

  21. The problem is the 5.56 is so velocity dependent I’d just get a bull pup with a full 16 inch for max lethality and portability.

  22. I'm assuming they meant cowboy reenactment. Cowboy action shooting - the competition sport are absolutely firing metal projectile ammo.

  23. Not all of it. There's the stuff done on horseback. They shoot blanks at close up targets.

  24. Ah, that's Cowboy mounted shooting. Just watched a video, yea they aren't shooting metal or likely even solid projectiles in stadium type setting like that so you very well may be right (probably are but i don't know anything about that sport to confirm).

  25. Yes, I know. I wanted to get into Cowboy Action Shooting but the club in my area closed up shop.

  26. He brings it up because it's the One Big Thing he once got done. It's like the 80s hair metal band still playing their past hits at that truck stop diner every Thursday night.

  27. If I look through the end of the barrel without the BCG and see no obstruction with the suppressor on why would I need to use an alignment rod?

  28. Because the problem isn't an obstruction. It's a slight lack of concentricity overwhelming the overbore and causing the projectile to make contact. Any contact.

  29. I wouldn't recommend burn proof gear for that use case. They're the best looking, but they don't handle very high temps as well as some of the others. I use them for my lighter firing schedule cans exclusively.

  30. If you are on a trust, wait for approval, add RP to trust who can pick it up on behalf of the trust.

  31. This. If it's on a trust it's easy to do in a 100% above-board way.

  32. He's probably wandering San Diego/San Jose area trying to tell people about that pass he had against Notre Dame

  33. You do realize that San Diego and San Jose are about as far apart as Columbus and Philadelphia, right?

  34. Devin was the #2 ranked dual-threat QB in his class.

  35. Failure to feed, im almost positive i was just shipped a bad barrel, haven’t had any issues with the other 4 i have

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