1. This poll is as shit as the last one. None of the names listed even come close, it's Lewis.

  2. Look at the bench lately, and you'll see his name pop up.

  3. He generally seems to get injured by even considering it.

  4. Until it's official, I won't believe it. He can still play an important role here.

  5. I can't see this happening. I don't want to see it happening.

  6. How is Joe not on this list? He's a monster.

  7. It's better than nothing. I doubt you'll improve with one session a week, but at least you won't be going backwards.

  8. He's trying to order a taco. His friend is pulling him back. It's as if his friend knows his attitude and has had to do this in the past. If this was the first time would he respond so proactively.

  9. So, do you think everyone that ever started a fight deserves to die then, or just this guy?

  10. Per my prior reply I tried to explain the circumstances of this case dictate my decision. Therefore it's not everyone that starts a fight. You could consider if someone instigates enough even if they don't throw the first punch they've effectively started the fight. This all depends on the circumstances. I believe most men can be baited into attacking you this way, save for Gandhi.

  11. Well, Gandhi is dead. He's highly unlikely to start anything, other than decomposing.

  12. I'll try it in sparring and see how I get on. I don't think I could pull it off against a resisting opponent that's also trying to put me on my ass.

  13. I've never been to Canada, and I doubt I ever will be. The closest I got was Maine.

  14. I would have said Shearer, and I still rate him as our best player, but three people I know (all big NUFC fans) have met him on separate occasions and said he's a twat, so I'm going with Peter Beardsley.

  15. Didn't Beardsley get sacked for bullying the kids or something like that?

  16. For a start, don't drive in dodgy neighbourhoods.

  17. Then, don't live in dodgy neighbourhoods.

  18. Well, that's a question I never thought I'd see asked. The answer was going to be Aikido, but it's grappling, so Wing Chun.

  19. I was hoping the first series wouldn't cover the entire first game so it could be spread out over at Keady two seasons. I'm not in as big a hurry to see TLOU2 turned into a show. I didn't think it was as good.

  20. If he's on the bench instead of Murphy, that strengthens us straight away.

  21. It looks more like drilling combinations.

  22. Don't you ever drill things? If we learn a combo, we drill it and drill it until it becomes muscle memory. The coaches watch people drilling and correct their form, and that's how they learn. I was fairly sure that's how all martial arts work.

  23. Reddit can occasionally be a good place for encouragement, but more often than not, it's a place for running people down, telling them their art is shit and they're doing everything wrong. I hope you get the advice you need.

  24. I remember him being alright for us, and I was disappointed when he left.

  25. I've been doing Bjj for 7 years and Judo for 5 years, and I never got cauliflower. Some people are just more prone to it than others.

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