Alcoholism vs sobriety. Today marks 1,000 days sober. Going into rehab and having the courage to ask for help saved my life.

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  1. You could offer to just take the fence down, but that's all you have time for. Him and his new neighbor can fondle each other's balls deciding where the fuck it should go.

  2. He's reciting material we use in the program of alcoholics anonymous. Those in our program usually adhere to anonymity, so grandeous public announcements like this aren't really a thing for us.

  3. I shouldn’t have phrased it like a grumpy old timer. Lesson learned.

  4. Pffff, this is reddit mate. It's not like we're all trying our best to communicate 100% on here. I've said some stupid shit on here before plenty.

  5. Well, if you put less tuition than what you actually paid, you will not earn as many tax credits which are what help determine how much money you get back. CRA won't give a shit about this as it's just money in their pocket.

  6. I live in the Bay Area and fucking hate cyclists. They blow lights, stop signs, slow down traffic in the road and I have seen many yell at or slap the roofs of peoples cars in the city and they almost crashed. I’ve never seen on get a ticket so this is awesome.

  7. The way I see it. If a cyclist wants to break the rules of the road and become asphalt jam underneath my car, power to them. I got a dash cam, so feel free. I'll just sue the dead cyclist estate to pay for the damages to my vehicle.

  8. Honestly, best method I've found is good old piratebay proxies.

  9. Do any of you live in places that get snow?

  10. Awww I see, So you overheard, but you don’t know shit and it was likely two entry level associates. Either you are an idiot, they are idiots or what is most likely, is you all are idiots. KIA is not even a top 5 stolen car in the USA.

  11. You've worked very hard to embarrass yourself today. You look like a fool kiddo, which is apparent to everyone here.

  12. Nah, takes more than an author being an idiot to ruin a whole franchise for me.

  13. Hey OP I've noticed a pattern in your history, so do you just feel like arguing and baiting people for some reason today so you can be condescending and call everyone your sweetie? You seem to be really defensive about the Kia Boyz and making excuses all day long that since it's not a top 5 stolen vehicle, that's it's not a problem. Two wrongs don't make a right, ya know. Anyways maybe go work for Kia if you don't already if you wanna keep selling bs. Yes, I've blocked you because I'm not going back and forth with you so I get called sweetie. You seem to be fighting people and angry all the time though based on your comment history, real cool.

  14. Oh dear OP, that's kinda embarrassing. I think we're all just embarrassed for you now.

  15. I think Hagrid is more involved in the kids lives than some of their parents, lol. So, no, I'd disagree on that one.

  16. Not surprised, Crave is pretty much the worst streaming service in existence. Riddled with bugs and defects. Poorly designed. Horrible pricing. And just a general lazy attitude towards app development and maintenance.

  17. Jack Howard sounds like he's never been in a long term relationship with a female his entire life.

  18. I reckon someone will take the beats and make it into a song. I would but I lack time and skill!

  19. John Adam's comes to mind. One of the few early U.S. presidents who didn't own or approve of slavery. He was a prudent man, lawyer and average Joe kind of guy who turned into one of the U.S. finding fathers.

  20. Usually I keep this watch on the OEM bracelet or rubber strap. I’m not really a leather strap person; I definitely prefer bracelets over anything. I got this ostrich leather strap a year ago for about $100 but never really used it often. Anyway, just felt like changing it up for a little while to see how I feel. It’s comfortable, but I think ostrich leather is kinda gross looking due to the spots from the feathers showing. It’s still interesting to look at at least. What do you think about leather straps on Aqua Terra models? This is the 41.5mm version. If you have an Aqua Terra what strap do you prefer? Have you tried a similar combo? Thanks for reading. Chow

  21. Legit thought those were nipples too, ngl. I agree on a strap change, ha ha.

  22. I bought a 2021 Kia K5 GT and love it. Essentially king of the FWD, non-luxury midsized sedan segment. I'm getting low 5's with launch control on 0-60. It was a nice balance of fun with usability.

  23. I think this is a great plan for this Christian. Whip away!

  24. Aha, my pug does the same. Everyone says she's smiling, I'm always like "yep, she's coolin off".

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