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  1. In 2021, I saw a guy with a DTCC face mask on at a store. I knew a little bit, but didn't want to be confrontational. Boy I'd I could go back, I'd ask so many questions

  2. I work near the margin department of Fidelity. Tons of the guys come in and every now and then I'll ask some questions. But they seem so shy lol.

  3. Ken Griffen aka Bernie Madoff 2.0 was close by as well.

  4. They're making articles like these on purpose so they get recognition at places like this. You're feeding into them

  5. Yeah I didn't think this post would get a big as it did. Just thought that it was a ridiculous article now I'm giving them a platform. Rip me

  6. It's not. I have an issue with the goblins as a character. It's more that they wrote it to coincide with the fact that the “goblin” reflects a known Jewish stereotype.

  7. Don't associate those stereotypes with Jews. I mean who says that's what all Jews are like. Jewish people are just people. Anyways I try not to associate stereotypes.

  8. There's video of the first one very clearly deflating like a balloon.

  9. Yeah one balloon shot down. But they could've flow that balloon themselves in attempt to credit there propaganda. (Show the video to the masses, claim that more balloons are in the sky's over the U.S, hide information of increasing UFO activity) anyways just an idea.

  10. It’s because he’s foreign. He knows full and well he has few options to move and may or may not have the funds.

  11. Check out the second video on that I posted. No surprise needed

  12. Good morning from Texas! It's 1am for me. I'm in my van in my bed ready to sleep but I can't because all I can think about is financial crime. Keeps me up at night. Just need the chairmen to whisper in my ear about a stonk.

  13. Can anyone see if any of the mayo force flew today within the United States? FAA computer glitch grounded everything from what I heard. If that mayo bastard is flying I'm gonna buy more.

  14. I played OW every night for years. Once OW2 dropped I never touched the game again. I miss ow1.....

  15. Please don't do this. Take medication with water, not energy drinks. Having them in your stomach at the same time can negatively affect absorption.

  16. How much money are they about to lose?

  17. And it's all because of the wrath of the purple rings.

  18. I bought a 980 back in the day for $600. Those days are long gone.

  19. It's hard enough to track and respond to misinformation without chatGPT content that might sound official but is artificial in every sense. This has been reflaired as a shitpost because, as a first party source of information, it should not be relied upon. Keeping it up for entertainment only.

  20. Just a simple conversation with an AI don't take anything serious it says.

  21. Accidentally selected in store credit for redeemed points instead of online. Anyone know if I can switch it?

  22. I'm glad we all saw the video of RATM at the BBC on Reddit all.

  23. Imagine this "Ken: Hey Elon, I know you're a client but if you want to save your fortune you'll need to buy Twitter."

  24. Nice! It looks like it has hardly been ridden. Is that a 650c wheel size?

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