1. With Venlafaxine you should be careful if you have Blood Pressure issues or history. Duloxetine has a very noble side effects profile

  2. I would switch to a different SSRI. Feeling nauseous to the point of throwing up is not an acceptable side effect imo, especially when you have so many other options

  3. Wellbutrin (Bupropion) doesn't cause increased appetite.. because it works on Dopamine/Noradrenaline instead of Serotonin. Anyhow double-blind studies show it is as effective as antidepressant as any common SSRI like Zoloft or Lexapro. Besides it doesn't affect sexuality. Also it's kinda energizing (in a comfortable way) so it doesn't produce sleepiness.

  4. Yes it is many times more potent than Gabapentin as a sedative

  5. Cymbalta (Duloxetine) was the only Antidepressant, after a journey of trial and error of many SSRI / SNRIs including Sertraline, Fluoxetine, Escitalopram and Venlafaxine that has worked for my depressive Anxiety. Bupropion/Wellbutrin also helps against bad mood.

  6. You're unlikely to get any withdrawals if you haven't bay a week after quitting. Some people are lucky and don't get any withdrawals or a very mild.

  7. Yeah, that's my case. I've quitted many antidepressants Cold Turkey without issues 🙏🏻

  8. I Agree. Be careful also OP with your Ketamine treatment. Try to keep it as low as possible. I'm a med student and have witnessed how When you let increase the Ket dose slowly problems can appear. Drink tons of water to protect your kidneys and urinary tract. At least 2 litters of water/ day

  9. If you get withdrawal in the next couple of days go back up to 7.5mg. Otherwise stay at this your current dose for 2-3 weeks. Then go to 2.5mg for 2-3 weeks. If you need any tips or helpful information go to

  10. Here is an article that describes a process. If you don’t have liquid citaloram, you can dissolve the pills in water. This makes it really easy to measure small increments, which will become very important.

  11. Where can you find liquid Citalopram? It would be very useful for many

  12. I used to say to my kids, "only boring people get bored" that's pretty old dad stuff but I reckon it's true

  13. I agree.. in my case i also, to go to a bar or friends houses and parties to watch, just to observe people ... for instance to look at people reacting to the same songs i like.

  14. I've been on generic pregabalin, and it did nothing. I remember lyrica being pretty expensive too.

  15. I've tried many generic brands and the difference with Lyrica is minimal. Though if it didn't work, no way! Have you tried Duloxetine?.. very useful for GAD. It kicks both anxiety and depression at the same time.

  16. No, do you think maybe it's better than Luvox? I can't seem to find many things about Luvox and GAD.

  17. Definitely. It has many benefits... It starts working faster, it is useful at low doses and If you don't like it, it's easier to quit.

  18. It has a different mechanism of action than Lexapro and other SSRIs so suicidal ideation the first days happens, but it's milder. Give it time. Just know that in a matter of days you'll get relief and hopefully you will feel much better.

  19. oh crap i meant to say i do take it in the morning 🤦🏼‍♀️ brain fart. i take all my meds in the morning except 1 stomach medicine.

  20. What if you get back on 150 mg? that had been working so far. Wishfully Instant Release. Though it's difficult to find IR.

  21. Have you considered taking Lyrica at nights? I'm a med student and I've witnessed the improvement on their sleep 💤 quality and quantity.

  22. Kratom gave me crazy nausea & sweats when I tried to use it in place of tramadol

  23. Maybe you took too much Kratom. Just a little bit more than the ideal sweet spot and boom! Nausea 🤢 appears. Kratom particularly works when one finds that spot.

  24. I'd just take notes in Google Keep. You can take audio 🎤 notes, photo notes and it's a simple way to organize complex things.

  25. I'm a med⚕️ student and can say you'll be okay. Antidepressants like Sertraline (Zoloft) are used widely and one of the reasons is that they're very safe. it's difficult to overdose on them.

  26. I feel the same about the existence of God ✨. and ask myself... if i don't see any God, if i don't hear it, taste it, feel it or smell it.... Does it/he/she exist?

  27. Why do you need others to confirm your own existence? Do you feel emotions? Do you think thoughts? Those are some of the things that determine if you are human, not whether others recognize you.

  28. Therapy if you can. Remove all alcohol from your home. Work out triggers, stress, friday nights, etc. and try to work on those, learn new ways to relax, new hobbies. Take it a day at a time. The Alan Carr, how to quit drinking is a good book. Good luck

  29. It's important to have a plan to do after staying sober. I agree everything with this post. It's also about creativity.... Why don't OP get a bass 🎸 and learn to play it, or any other instrument, a guitar, a piano, etc... even if you are only a beginner who practices to stay joyfully busy.

  30. I wish this were also a sub to talk about the joyful aspects of being a “casual user.” I don’t drink or smoke, but I enjoy opiates/opioids and sedative medications. Nothing feels better.

  31. Yes i think you're right. This place could be better. Though it's better than nothing.

  32. I've taken over 100mg equivalent of diaz with pregabalin and a 70cl of rum and just had a good night's sleep 🥰😂 not recommending it in anyway and those days are behind me but trust me that dose and one beer absolutely fine.

  33. For me Pregabalin, used once upon a while, at high dose (450-525 mg max) is like a dry booze. Literally a "🍸Dry Martini", haha. In that sense the rum 🥃 is not needed anymore, unless is to make a toast and say cheers. I prefer the dry booze than being intoxicated and dehydrated. Besides it doesn't cause hangover.

  34. I’ve been on 50mg Zoloft for a few months and it’s helped slightly but adding the bupropion feels like it’s helped even more my anxiety has eased up a good bit and the energy feels great I can actually stay up all day without needing a nap lol! Can’t wait till it levels out so this brain fog will go away and I think I’ll be golden. I wish you luck on your journey to wellness!

  35. Zoloft + Wellbutrin make a good combo. That way you are getting more dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. Give it enough time. If you experience issues recalling words, don't worry it's a temporary side effect so it would vanish within a few weeks.

  36. Actually this app/social net is somewhat close to a support group, If you know how to avoid ☣️ trolls, haters and fool people in general and just take the valuable🦉knowledge and wisdom.

  37. What I do is take 600 about every 5 days. Gives me something to look forward too in the week haha

  38. Me too. Though i only let pass 3️⃣ (three) days between doses 💊and this system has been working since the beginning. 🔥 Note that I take "mild" doses and I cycle ♻️ those quantities like it was a rollercoaster. Day 1. 225 mg. Day 4. 300 Mg... Then 375... And then backwards ↩️... (I strongly advice the OP to cycle Pregabalin this way 🚦.

  39. I like to use emojis 🙂 so much . They distract me!. May i ask, Is that a ➗ problem for you?

  40. "Jamming" doesn't really have a definition, other than two or more people hanging out playing music. You two will work out what it means for you. I would suggest picking a handful of cover tunes you know really well and give those a try.

  41. Thanks for that reply 🙏🏻 Even though I'm not the OP.

  42. I heard them.... Simply amazing. I couldn't. Find a hi resolution video, audio.

  43. Stop at once or get help... The thing is you're bored and want to experience different, stimulant feelings.

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