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  1. Update your flair from last year bro, I just did the same thing

  2. I'm on reddit is fun app, so you go to the sidebar of the subreddit you want the flair to apply to, then pick the flair under your username.

  3. Go to the subreddit, click on the 3 dots and choose 'change user flair' :)

  4. That is with extended mag, Its "Prototype 17" Has built in burst

  5. The fans on a asus rog are scary I used to have a rog strix and it ran so hot I could smell something melting after a hour of use so I sold it idk if it was just mine but it was sketch

  6. On my tuf too I smelled something when I looked at what was burning there was chared dust all over the fans and heatsink.

  7. You could probably find a wrx for cheaper. I saw you had a 10k budget so just find a rust free one that’s relatively unmodded and you’ll be good to go. You can buy a modded one if you like taking risks. I did it and it worked out but I know a guy and his blew up in about 7 days. Just do your research and be smart. I’d have at least 2k in the bank to change all of those hard hoses, do timing and fix random things that pop up because it can get expensive fast even before you start putting go fast parts on.

  8. Thanks for all the help man! This really changed my point of view take my award

  9. That’s a pretty healthy budget. This might be a good market to buy low like 2-4 k and sit on the change till it clears up a bit more.

  10. Hi, welcome to Drip Squad. I am Drip Bot.

  11. I love my Klim Ultimate. SO damn quiet I wonder if it's even on lmao.

  12. Literally blew on this mans profile pic thinkin it was a hair smh

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