1. I have never pruned my 30+ year old avocado. It did get topped when we brought it home from my office when I retired. That stopped all growth up.

  2. We are going to need a update on how Grandma takes to her corned beef stew for dinner.

  3. I have not seen this design before so thank you for stitching and posting this gorgeous piece.

  4. Thank you so much 🥰. Yeah it's cross stitch and then the details are done by couching which was a new technique to me

  5. This looks like lace attached to fabric. Such a WOW piece of stitching. Truly art on fabric.

  6. You have some great suggestions already. Just remember if you have any questions or some problem comes up then come back here to ask for help. If you have a photo of the problem that will help us help you.

  7. This looks amazing. Rensel Studios does such a great job framing needlework. I really need to get up to the studio to get some things in for framing.

  8. I shared this with a friend who does embroidery and quilting. He committed was: They just don't use a large enough label. LOL!

  9. For a while I was taking care of my son's GSD who was a brother to my dog. The two got into a tassle one day in the house. I grabbed the scruff of each dog's neck did the twist and push down and put both dogs on the floor at the same time. I held them while the were told what bad dogs they were. That stopped the arguing really fast. I don't think they expected that I could or would put both of them on the floor at the same time.

  10. I think you did a great job on this piece. I did not notice anything missing or unfinished.

  11. Hopefully this was a one off event for Murphy. He is such a sweet looking boy.

  12. Just like others here have said you will be good with 2.25 inches for framing.

  13. Welcome to the club. You have a great vehicle and lots of fun waiting for you and the family. Enjoy!

  14. I’ll try with a pillow! Thanks for the suggestion.

  15. Even a white sheet or towel will work as well. I have known stitchers who put together a lap cover to use when stitching on different fabrics, one side is white and the other side is black. They just got some cotton solid color fabric at a general fabric store and sewed the two pieces together. Now they have one piece that makes stitching easier since they can use the black side when stitching on white or light color fabric and the white side is great when stitching on black or dark fabric.

  16. Thank you, is someone like dish soap better to use when hand washing?

  17. You can use Ivory dish soap or Orvis paste. You will see Dawn recommended here often but Dawn is a detergent and it is not safe for textiles.

  18. Looks like all the windows in my 4Runner from the back of the front seats to the back hatch. And several windows in the house. Nose art is special.

  19. Indeed. Each one is like a snowflake, different. They love windshields and side windows, even the back hatch of my wagon. Do you ever feel remorse after cleaning? lol.

  20. Clean the windows? Where I live we have been in drought conditions for over 5 years. My 4 Runner finally was washed after being in the dealership for a couple of fixes. I really only clean the windows when they get to a point that seeing out is compromised.

  21. Beautiful. The colors are so vibrant and just make this piece great. Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

  22. Check for mega esophagus with a vet. This will require an X-ray to look at the esophagus. My son's dog had this condition and there were times when he did not eat or play. This can shorten the dogs life so finding it sooner is better.

  23. Sorry I think I worded it poorly but meant he hadn’t eaten anything bad as he is supervised at all times.

  24. This condition has nothing to do with what the dog eats. The condition of mega esophagus is usually inherited. It means that the dogs esophagus is very enlarged and food can pack into the esophagus and often takes a very long time to get to the stomach if it gets in at all.

  25. Zipper merge requires the driver to willingly yield to someone else. Foreign concept.

  26. This is true where I live. People think they always have to first in the line.

  27. I'm so sorry, it's absolutely shitty 😔 I feel ya, I'm terrified of my loved ones dying. Start of 2020 my mum got a breast cancer dx, absolutely broke down and was terrified that I'd lose her. I'm very appreciative of the Drs who were able to have a really effective treatment plan for her and she's nearly 2 yrs in remission now that should last for a while. But still absolutely the most terrified I've ever been, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  28. I lost my Mother to breast cancer that matized to her spine and eventually to her skull. This was 6 years after my Dad died so it was difficult.

  29. i always feel like she looks at me so lovingly 🥹

  30. Silver thread for sure. That will make the wings look gossamer just like a dragonfly's wings.

  31. I love the noseplow that she does. My boy will do the same thing. It's like they can smell something in the snow.

  32. Oh she has, she just happened to do it when I didn’t have my phone on me. Full on zoomie five into it, wallow around, chasing her tail, getting all excited and digging at it. I’m just gross it’s not deep enough for her to tunnel under. Yet, haha.

  33. Sounds like a typical GSD. She is such a pretty girl and clearly enjoys the snow.

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