1. Listen ronconway is giving you free picks inbetween the brain surgery hes doing rons a damn bawse! Thanks ron we will hit a big one soon

  2. The only ones ive had issues with germing are usually over a year old

  3. How are you storing them? They should be good for several years if kept dry and cold.

  4. Kept in a beading collection box i got off amazon stored in the dark. Nice a cool just didnt pop no sweat at all i got lots of other beans

  5. Dude cdlc will stink your whole house up but its a funk like no other

  6. Damn I could never keep a pheno that put out little popcorn colas even if it's good there is too many good tasting producers imo

  7. The tric production is wild tho ive had better phenos with good colours and bigger buds

  8. My buddy has been invisible 3 times so far and me 1 time over the last 2 days

  9. $500 on boston bruins the rest of the season they have lost 5 times this year

  10. While in quebec on a trip with the boys. Getting drunk in the beautiful chalets of mount tremblant. Not following my daily routine of waking a shaking but instead getting up and shredding. By around 11pm i look at my phone in a drunken haze and realize oh no i need to shake! To keep it alive and reach the covenant 365

  11. Not really down with posting on my socials im a degen gambler but if love to get into it!

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