1. I speak python, java, C, C++ and a bit of shell

  2. Yes. It took me forever to understand how sensitive I am, and I'm still struggling with it.

  3. Could you please explain, if you don't mind? Thanks!

  4. What is porn and why is Lumine always searching up Zhongli porn?

  5. Why would he search for that on the internet? Its all on his harddrive

  6. SEA 88 How good is 2* star durandal elf? I already have 3* klein.

  7. Okay, so let's delve in to a little more detail here.

  8. How has your attitude towards mbti changed over the past 9 years?

  9. What do you think about concentration camps and Hitler?

  10. You can continuously tap Alhaitham to bother him until he gets annoyed

  11. I'm gonna lick him my phone till he gets annoyed. Then I'm gonna go woof woof🐶 zaddy, when he scolds me

  12. Your post/comment has been removed because it contains the word "intuit". In fact, SENSORS RULE!! WE WILL TAKE OVER THE ENTIRE SUB!!1! Who's the best now, stupid iNtuitives? You guys make things up and we don't, so everything you say is wrong.

  13. Do you think it was morally correct for Hitler to send Jews to concentration camps?

  14. CONGRATS!! How many pulls did it take?

  15. Horniness made me, I'm also horny and I'll one day make someone that's horny

  16. While i do want to say that this is an okbuddygenshin moment... it clearly isn't.

  17. Why don't we either replace childe with a Lawachurl or Yoimiya with Ganyu

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