1. Who they gonna arrest? I thought this guy in the picture killed him.....:20096:

  2. Lmao... Now that makes her your wife as well as your mother-in-law 😂

  3. The captain didn't stutter, why is he confused? Is he stupid?

  4. So anyone who preaches ahinsa should be hanged? Is that why they put Jesus on the cross because he said to turn the other cheek?

  5. Gandhi preached cuckholdry, not ahimsa. Also, Jesus is fake as fuck.

  6. Jesus is fake and all Hindu gods with so many powers are real?. Either there is no god or each god is unique and real.

  7. Wait, just because Jesus is fake, every other 'god' has to be fake.

  8. All these fake surveys are just an image booster for the US and its vassals. The west and its slaves are good and happy, then comes the Islamic states that pay tributes to the US and then comes way below everyone else the kaafir country, like us.

  9. It's not done by him but yeah could have asked not to , in this case he acted like just another Rajiv or Indira who had awards , places built after their names during their tenure

  10. It's privately owned stadium. Modi didn't ask to have the stadium in his name. Unlike the Gandhis who built everything in their own name, which is not even their own family name.

  11. Of course it still happens but what I don't get is the correlation between female infanticide and Hindutva because if you think its bad in India, things are outright hellish in China.

  12. He is a great minister and can TRANSFORM into peacocks? Dear lord, is there anything Nitin Gadkari can't do?

  13. Give a moment of your precious time to some rando foreigners/ modern feminazi to explain why these women are oppressed...

  14. Yea. This is cute, but imagine thinking that it means anything to Khalistanis or anyone else. Dude would also have danced bhangra with some Khalistani in a similar situation.

  15. Bizarre statement. I don't support the Khalistanis. But do you even know what happened at Dunkirk? And do you know the history of WW2? Don't just blabber shit. It makes you look dumb to people who actually know their shit.

  16. Please enlighten me oh gandu the wise. Show me your wisdom on white peoples history.

  17. He is a chad and a virgin. Quite a rare species.

  18. Channel name is “21 sutlej”. So we know who’s running this propaganda. Also, there’s no reference of this channel over the internet, she just might be a hooker on hire.

  19. Are you assuming hookers can't be news readers? Have you not heard of the term presstitude.

  20. It means the US is helping its vassal states get direct access to newly minted dollars, and the inflation, because of it will have to be borne by all the other countries.

  21. Roman's didn't hide the fact that they were following Hindu calendar, it is the modern distorians who did that.

  22. Too bad, Indians aren't pissy little bitches who go tits-up at the drop of a hat and attack foreign embassies.

  23. And my penis... I don't get this game, but I want in.

  24. If you want authentic information, go to the source.

  25. totally didn't expect to see some rabbits on reddit today, but here we are, a surprise to be sure but a welcome one.

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