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  1. Don't worry, they were sprinting into traffic on Main when they left.

  2. The drive home from work before the show was also kind of a nightmare. Kids in the street and shitty drivers everywhere. A firetruck was trying to get down the street and these morons didn't pull over, they just got in its way.

  3. Don't say British English, just say English. No need to specify the language from ENGland is ENGlish. American English and other weird dialects are the ones that need the asterix next to them.

  4. This post is not about Israel so why bring it up?

  5. This post is literally about Israel, which you would know if you had actually read the article.

  6. An inch? I usually start at least three inches behind my balls to be safe

  7. I just need you to know: your comment made me cry laughing.

  8. there're # of bad rumors about GM they invested over billions of $$$ on V8 engines and no more EV battery with LG.

  9. They just invested $68M in a plant here in Rochester, NY for EV manufacturing. They announced it about a week ago.

  10. In the waiting area, right above the seats on the wall.

  11. Could you point me in the direction of where that is on Instagram? I'm digging through the pictures and videos and I don't see it so far.

  12. I don't see it on Instagram either. I only know about it because I've had my hair cut there a couple times. If it's not there anymore, it's probably because it was scaring people like me away. My barber left the shop too and said that was part of the reason why he did it, and that Manny is an asshole.

  13. You're being downvoted but are entirely correct. A retroactive law would be unconstitutional. It is not a possibility in this country.

  14. Well, it kind of depends. Is it really ex post facto if you haven't received the benefit of it yet? Is this type of setup actually settled law? I'm a lawyer and I don't even know for sure. I've been working on the assumption that you're correct but I really kind of question whether the scheme makes it unconstitutional.

  15. I was not ready for seeing so much of them both. I was first thinking, wow, 3 months and moving in together, then … then … she sucks like it’s her job …

  16. $854 million to four facilities to prepare these facilities to produce the company’s sixth generation Small Block V-8 engine.

  17. I'm from Rochester and was thrilled to hear this news this morning. Makes me really proud to be the owner of a Bolt EUV.

  18. I'm just a random guy from the internet but I would love one too, if anyone is so inclined.

  19. I may be wrong, but my understanding is that on purchases (as opposed to leases), you can't transfer the credit yet.

  20. I'm going through this process now and you are correct.

  21. Quay walking to the locker room whining like an actual 12 year old. The look matches the behavior.

  22. The EUV I picked up 3 weeks ago has the sun roof and I am really happy that I got it. In my opinion the glass ceiling does indeed brighten up the car and give a feeling of openness that I really like, especially in these dark winter months. I did close the cover to see what a solid roof was like, and immediately opened it up again.

  23. My first ever car, which I drove for 10 years, did not have a sunroof. I absolutely hated driving for longer than 15 minutes but couldn't really figure out why until I got my second car in grad school, which had a sunroof. It makes a huge difference for me in terms of comfort. Now I'm waiting on my Bolt EUV to be built, and the sunroof was not negotiable. For me, the ~$2000 is worth the added comfort.

  24. This is entirely irrelevant to your post but it's so rare that I see someone with a blatantly Irish handle on here that I just wanted to stop by and say "nice."

  25. On the same note, DON'T hit your fucking brakes for cars that are merging onto the highway. Maintain your speed and let them work around you. You're already on the highway, you have right of way. The cars on the on ramp have to yield if they can't merge safely.

  26. This is not always accurate. If you're on the highway and someone is trying to merge from an on ramp but there is no space to do so, you have to let them merge.

  27. There are already plenty-- they're just all in the Democratic party.

  28. I work for the government and know pretty much nobody in my office who thinks that January 6th was anything but a travesty. If anyone hates the category of people that January Sixthers fall into, it's government officials. Especially since 1/6 since those people have been incredibly disruptive since then.

  29. Well they got back to me as promised which is a good sign. They are not getting allocation for new build until after 1/19 and I’ll hear then. So another two weeks I wait.

  30. Which dealer? There are quite a few in Rochester that might be able to assist, I'd think. I'm going through Garber.

  31. Same happening to me in Western NY. Wonder if we're at the same dealer. My impression is that they're selling enough of these cars that they don't have to work for it.

  32. "Warning, live without warning I said, warning, live without warning Without, alright Better homes and safety-sealed communities Did you remember to pay the utility? Caution, police line, you better not cross Is the cop or am I the one that's really dangerous? Sanitation, expiration date, question everything Or shut up and be a victim of authority Warning, live without warning I said, warning, live without warning I said, warning, live without warning I said, warning, live without warning Without alright"

  33. Didn't a high school pitcher die from that a couple years back? Line drive to the chest iirc.

  34. There was a kid in my area when I was growing up who took a lacrosse ball to the chest and died this way. Awful.


  36. "We get paid to talk about it... But like... I'm bad at my job so I'm not going to say anything useful."

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