1. Teriyaki Madness Kirkland or Juanita is the answer. Get the special . Developed a serious addiction in high school.

  2. This was the #1 reason I decided to give it up. The hangxiety kept developing new depths. Break the glass, do all the things, throw the kitchen sink at it. It’ll be hard, but honestly it’s not that hard after a couple weeks. Now, it’s easy for me and it will be for you. Keep coming back. IWNDWYT

  3. That’s amazing! You got any tips for us beginners? Longest I’ve done is 6 months but would love to hit a year. At day 3 now.

  4. This community was essential for me early on, I came here every day for the first 3-4 months. I also attended meetings for the first ~60 days, took what was useful and left the rest, but ultimately those groups were invaluable in recognizing attributes I shared with folks who had hit the real low bottoms. I dove hard into bettering myself and getting in shape, but I gave myself some grace. Today I look like a totally different man.

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