[Highlight] The palpable tension at the end of the All-Star Draft

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  • By - zhiyu

  1. Both waka bros as sekiwake. Incredible. That plus hoshoryu and kiribayama, both Mongolians with good technical skill. I could watch those four all day. And it’s funny that hoshoryu practices (or at least use to) with the waka bros.

  2. Ooh do you remember where you saw that Hoshoryu practices with the waka bros? Would love to read more.

  3. As a Wakatakakage fan since day one, I'll have to go with his Yusho for sure.

  4. i oughta add "scram" into my daily vocab. It's so funny

  5. You're already using "oughta" which is a step in the right direction

  6. For context: Every Halloween in Japan, a "Mundane Halloween" contest is held where people are encouraged to dress in boring day to day costumes. For example, "Guy at a foodcourt who can't find somewhere to sit" or "Guy who doesn't realize his pen is leaking in his pocket."

  7. I really enjoyed this game on the Wiiware shop called Eat! Fat! Fight! The premise is you create a wrestler from scratch, and have to balance speed, diet, and technique to however you like. So you could create a giant like Ichinojo, or someone crafty like Tobi. It's been at least a decade so I don't know how it holds up, but it was definitely unique. Maybe you can

  8. Great bouts today, but really impressed by Hoshoryu. Managed to grab Takakeisho's leg mid-fall to secure the

  9. Okay, hopefully you're on reddit or at least near yourphone because I have a new dillema. The nother has given birth to new babies and I am worried if the older babies will eat the newer ones

  10. I'm no expert so I can't say for sure, I really recommend you talking to a vet. Two pregnancies back to back is tough on the mama hamster so make sure she has lots of food water etc. Is she housed with a male hamster? You probably want to seperate them if she keeps getting pregnant.

  11. unironically yes. The only sports i follow are basketball and sumo, and watching Terunofuji reach the highest rank of Yokozuna this year after blowing out his knees has been the greatest comeback story I've ever seen in sports. Imagine if like, Yao Ming refused to quit playing and ended up as a bench player in the G league, then clawed his way back to win a ring. But even more extreme.

  12. Was definitely not expecting a serious response, but this is great! I’ll be sure to check it out

  13. Love to hear it! Its a small but fun community, dm me any time :)

  14. My hamster survived the heatwave that hit the west coast last year by constantly having a frozen water bottle in the cage for him to cool off next to. He'd lick the condensation or just burrow underneath. We had a couple in the freezer and kept them on rotation when one would melt.

  15. It’s one that came with her cage and it’s around 7 inches

  16. Your hamster is awake during the night, so taking away its wheel at that time is cruel. If it's really bothering you, try to get a silent wheel, or move your hamster somewhere where you won't hear it making noise at night :)

  17. Did anyone happen to record this? I’m hoping it will be available VOD on Monday but I was pretty upset to have missed it!

  18. Not sure if I'm allowed to link, but I found it on YouTube fairly easily :)

  19. Basically what benche said, and also reiterating that hamsters can take a while to gain trust from. They're prey animals, so unlike a cat or dog they'll take longer to get accustomed to you being around. It's worth it though! My hamster of almost 2 years now vibrates happily when he's pet.

  20. I think the big announcement might be a anime but, i think it would be interesting to see what happens to the girls in the other timeline. Maybe Inio might make his version of the Mecha story with them??

  21. Yeah, I think I'm partially in denial that the story is over, haha... Would love to see the anime diverge from the source material though, since with the whole parallel universe thing this could be handled interestingly!

  22. And presumably he was vaccinated and maybe even boosted when he contracted COVID? COVID is no joke.

  23. I heard the rikishi most likely weren't boosted at the time of infection, since Japan's third shot campaign was just a little ways behind.

  24. Alright I only started following NBA this year. Can someone eli5 what's so funny?

  25. How I got into it was watching the daily recaps on Natto Sumo's channel. At first I was mostly watching for my favourite rikishi (Enho and Wakatakakage), but over time I started watching the other matches too. Eventually you start to pick up on other wrestlers styles and finding new favourites--I found out about Ura's technical sumo this way, and Hoshoryu's dynamic throw-based style.

  26. Especially good if the other rikishi happens to be an Australian

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