1. The Morrigan would shred the Jackdaw with its longer ram, burning oil and pickle guns.

  2. Why does everything have to be a competition, just enjoy Star Wars

  3. I'm probably the only one that doesn't mind the way John look in the epilogue

  4. Brotherhood is definitely more refined in terms of gameplay. You won't instantly fail a mission if you get spotted and the enemies won't immediately notice you as quick. The only headache inducing thing was some of the optional 100% synchronisation side "challenges"- but they're like I said, optional.

  5. Connor is a very large man and if his training is anywhere near as good as Ezio's, which it probably isn't but I have to imagine it's close since Connor has a lot more of human history to examine, it's gonna be bad if he gets in close. Ezio fights big guys a lot, but they're usually not also trained Assassins.

  6. Pulling memes for pointing out how much Odyssey is (in my opinion) so much better than Origins AND Valhalla.

  7. I got to admit I love the wheel feet concept

  8. Dino/Mirage with his Italian accent and cold design!

  9. Not only Troy, richard epcar honestly does a great joker.

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