1. I’d say Hereditary deserves 10/10, might be a polarizing opinion to some, but is an easy answer to me.

  2. It’s a good one and a classic, definitely from the era where J-Horror was in full force. talked about in the same breath as Ringu, Ju-On, and Dark Water.

  3. I’ll hold your face down till you fall unconscious

  4. I would love to use you till you collapse and then force you to take more.

  5. I adore when you pry your ass open and hollow it into a sloppy mess.

  6. Probably has to be the Sunbeam, I also assume the proportions for sunbeam might be close to an Earl Grey MarTEAni, but do you have any exact recipe and what is “violette” ?

  7. Though I hear putting egg white into drinks with tea is good because the egg white will bind to the tannins so you don’t get that buildup on your tongue, could be something to consider.

  8. You’re gonna want a VPN and then use shudder, I haven’t tried to watch it anywhere else.

  9. Call your local liquor stores and ask them to order it for you. Just because they don’t keep it in stock doesn’t meant they can’t get it. Every liquor store I know is cool with taking special orders.

  10. I think that’s the Avenue I wanted to look into, because now that I’ve redoubled my efforts there are some with a few bottles but the closest is around 20 minutes away.

  11. Any regular liquor store should carry this...and I live in Missouri so that should tell you something.

  12. I assume that maybe there’s a store that has it then, but that they don’t come up on searches.

  13. It’s insinuated that Shin had nearly limitless ability for evolution, but the main things we see that were going to be developed were his 15m offspring from its tail that would have waged war on an individual level. We also know Shin we going to have the ability for nuclear propelled flight, so it makes sense to me that the 5th forms would eventually fly to deal with jets a well.

  14. What are the sexes of the two older dogs? Same-sex aggression is unfortunately very common in GSDs. Particularly among females. We have a male and a female GSD, and tried to foster another female, who was just an absolutely lovely dog. Unfortunately, even with hands on help from a trainer I've known and trusted for years, we had to find the foster another spot, as the girls just simply could not coexist safely. They'd be fine 95% of the time, but when things were suddenly not fine, it was too big a risk to allow them to be anywhere near each other.

  15. All dogs in question are females, so that’s unfortunate to hear.

  16. I wish you the best of luck on this. I know that some people do successfully integrate multiple female dogs (and even multiple female GSDs), but I think it helps to at least be aware of what you're potentially working against.

  17. It is unfortunate to hear, especially when there’s several nuances to work around. Have to relieve the stresses of one dog, remove the aggressiveness of another.

  18. They’ll never be tight again. Ruined forevermore

  19. You’ll look so pathetic with those loose holes between your legs won’t you?

  20. I honestly had to turn it off the first time I watched it because the exploitation of the actress towards the start was too real for me

  21. He would win without even summoning other riders

  22. Decade’s initial form looks great, his barcode face is take it or leave it for some, but I think it all works and then . . . He just has cards everywhere.

  23. I just tried to watch it and there was a dubbing of it in English without Pauly, any idea what happened there and where to watch the Pauly version?

  24. Big ADHD here. Currently making my thesis about one of my favorite things in the world: horror films. A lot of us seem to be neurodivergent, huh? One of the few things I can truly focus on. Thank you for bringing this up to my attention!

  25. I would absolutely love to read this paper, because I came to this post for a similar reason. I have ADHD and without a doubt horror is the only genre I go out of my way to watch and I wondered if it might have something to do with what horror experiences specifically stimulate in the mind.

  26. The one that makes you scream the loudest

  27. The smaller it is the more I get to stretch you out and tear you open.

  28. Where should my lips fall first to get the sweetest taste?

  29. It’s right next to the chest not in it. Same thing happened to me lol

  30. Obnoxious placement, appreciate the help

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