1. I do this too lol. Also try to use my spyglass (from sea of thieves) to see something far away

  2. I was so bummed that we didn't get the mask as a cosmetic like the bandana mask Q.Q trinket is nice, but we need moar masks

  3. Maybe it’s just because they don’t want to lock it behind a time limited adventure 🤞

  4. Barely anyone uses VC in this game to the point it took me a little while to even realize there even is a Vc

  5. Do DRG, SoT, and Tf2 just have very similar demographics, or is DRG just a plague that eventually makes its way and infests everything that can vaguely be tied back to it?

  6. Kinda yeah. And remember: if you don't ROCK AND STONE you ain't going home!


  8. Kill one or two early on, and watch them like moths to a flame.

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