1. It's velcro, I can add as many as I want. Velcro > genetics.

  2. Fun fact! That’s the Atlantean Sword from Arnold’s Conan movies I own one and it looks bad ass in your hands

  3. This is not the only bodybuilding show with a sword for the overall winners so I'm sure that's the inspiration.

  4. Leaving a wonderful competitive weekend just to go into another peak week. It's hectic and eventful but I love it! This is what makes it fun!


  6. Sounds like a pretty smooth protocol for just 5 weeks out tbh!

  7. Nice! Love the routine you look awesome . What federation?? Seems short for IFBB and long for NPC

  8. Hi lovely people of the Reddit bodybuilding community. I have been a long time lurker so I'm very thankful to all the phenomenal men and women to provide me with daily inspiration.

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