1. Yep the guy at the top is much fatter, the middle ones just make their unpaid inturns hold him for them and there's alot less people on the bottom now

  2. The bottom constantly changes due to people quitting and then more reappear to take their place. Process repeats, the top gets fatter in its chair eating things and the process repeats.

  3. We do have too many guns, but if it was just the number of guns Canada has about 1/4 the guns per capita as the US (.34 vs 1.2 per person) and might have had 50 school shootings. Maybe it’s the poutine?

  4. Is it supposed to be bad that we're apprehending terror suspects?

  5. If they were getting GOP members and Jan 6th rioters can't say I'm complaining.

  6. So the GOP answer to inflation is to make everything 30% more expensive?

  7. Seems like it, also believe they voted against trying to stop inflation. Will blame democrats for this though.

  8. So, Empty Greene wants these all death penaltied, right?

  9. Republicans can't go to certain places because they're too near schools.

  10. I was always waiting for a bird to nest in that shit, but they have more self respect than to take up residence in a dump like that.

  11. Convinced his hair is an animal that will just jump off his head at some point.

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