1. Just figured it out: the pod with the fluid, is quite literally a pod within a pod. Once you get that inner pod out, it's cake. The key is to start at the bottom by removing that little silver oval piece. Just used the fluid in my puffco, hit like a dream.

  2. 10/10 would lick from the small of your back, to your navel… back and forth, back and forth.

  3. Yeah man. Smalls are great. Decent looking buds, enjoy!

  4. Question. This latest batch is was listed at 20%, but I seem to remember it was always right above or below 30٪ Has anybody tried both and is there a difference?

  5. Mine is 22%. It’s less impairing or foggy, but the terpene profile is still well pronounced and very noticeable. Maybe more so than if it were higher.

  6. Haven't seen any around cincy in a while, where you pick this up ?

  7. Fruit & veg mate. You can mindlessly eat that stuff AND the natural terpenes in the fruit can intensify the high.

  8. Imagine thinking you get the benefits of the terps from smoking. Terps got burned off before it hit your lips 😂

  9. What’s even funnier is that I’m being downvoted but only being “educated” by one or two people. Passive aggressive baby’s man. Scared of confrontation. Terrified for the future when we have make believe chemists on here acting like they’re saving the world with their downvote. Wanna get at me? Get me with some truth and knowledge. That’s not how people on here are man. They like to do drive by disagreements. Like why waste the time to disagree if you’re not actually going to stop and take the time to disagree? Oh well.

  10. You are unhinged lmao, I'm just trying to help you. You can even lose the effect of terps if you vape your flower too high. Terpenes vaporize at a much lower temp than THC. Plenty of info out there on the subject.

  11. Wait, when I said or say “smoke” on my comments in posts, I’m not saying that because I only use combustion. Man I’m not going to justify why I’m in the program. There just seems to be a total disregard for knowledge in this discussion so I respectfully withdraw. Have a nice day.

  12. Bro I get an ounce of good weed here in Canada for no more than $100, can anybody relate or is my province just good for it?

  13. Ontario? Further East? Further west? Before I moved I had a guy in Markham, Ontario that only sold the dopest dope.

  14. James, play the bagpipes!! We lost a good one today boys.

  15. I came back for seconds on this one: also dank weed = dope weed. Okay I'm done princess pussymouth breath.

  16. Lmao, so this makes it a 2? Weak bro. This strain is dope. Sorry you're back in aFGhaNiStAn.

  17. The music throughout. It’s well orchestrated and makes you really feel it. Especially in 5 man. Faiths region definitely has some dope LSD tunes wrapped into the bliss.

  18. Looking like the cop that's definitely gonna give you a ticket

  19. Man I would love some of these. Edibles in Ohio ain’t worth a cats ass.

  20. I came here to comment, lost it, started laughing, still laughing. That ain't a male, that ain't a female, that my friend came from a ditch. This is literal grass. I'm dying.

  21. Man he’s just a fuckin lazy as all the other old white politicians. Put this man in a nursing home and bring back Obama.

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