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  1. Jesus Christ, did I write this and forget somehow? This is me to a T.

  2. I logged in today on my phone just to see what the screen would look like and I think I'm going to uninstall it

  3. Week one player here until the end. Haven't played since the announcement besides logging in for relic draws but I logged in today to kick around some weaker magicites and pull the rest of my tickets.

  4. IDK if this rumor I heard back in the day is true or not but I heard that Headwest uses their cherry syrup or one similar to make their sweet bread. I did overhear a worker once at Montys say it takes like 8 cups of sugar added to their French bread recipe to make their sweet bread.

  5. I worked at Monty's for 3 years in college - all of their bread comes frozen in little loves and you proof it, then bake it.

  6. IIRC, Mel-O-Cream makes the sweet bread for Head West. Try searching for a donut dough recipe.

  7. It's the same bread for Monty's, too. Donut dough makes good sandwiches, I guess

  8. I read the comments and now realize what that meant. .. I thought she used the doll as a way of it taking the abuse instead of her. And that the abuse was.. er.. you get the point

  9. Ah no, straightforward violent dad, and doll justice :)

  10. This is exactly were my brain went.

  11. Yeah, I've been visiting my old college's board game club for several years as an alumni and I haven't gotten a parking ticket because I back up against a wall of rocks that's super inconvenient for any campus patrol folks writing up parking citations to read my license plate

  12. The four years I was in college instead of paying the $40 a semester for parking, I did this exact thing and the only time I ever got a ticket, It was kind of at the start of the semester so I told them that I just had not gotten a chance to get my hang tag yet and they took the ticket off my account.

  13. What the fuck? Why is so much of the world voting in right wing fascists? Hungary, Brazil, Italy, America constantly.

  14. Can confirm. The Hy-Vee in my neighborhood has pork belly for like $20 a pound or something bonkers but the Asian market down the street has it for 7 bucks? Plus you're supporting a small business owner when you shop at most ethnic markets.

  15. Not comparing lady Gaga and black Sabbath, they both have their merits but I recently learned that the song poker face that was played everywhere for a summer or two was never censored despite the chorus being:

  16. I can ruin Iron Man for you! If you listen closely, ideally on headphones, at the very beginning of the song when it's just the bass drum, right before the guitar kicks in you can hear Ozzy licking/wetting his lips right up on the mic. Now you'll never not hear it.

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