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  1. How did those retired in 1929 with all saving in stock feel?

  2. They didnt live long after retirement for the most part so…

  3. I thought it was dead but I see it’s been resurrected.

  4. Why is it important for it to be humanoid? There are better systems for moving.

  5. Are we sure they didn’t have robots in the sixties?

  6. I got an 11 Pro Max when it first came out and told myself it was the best phone on the market at the time and there would be no need to upgrade for a while. Still going strong. No real need to upgrade

  7. Replacing a battery is also not expensive.

  8. So someone finally made silly string useful?!

  9. Yes they are both misleading. Or rather it’s reducing something complex so much that you can’t really understand it anymore.

  10. Plenty of articles and videos are out there to detail how and why She-Hulk is an unmitigated disaster, so I won’t parrot off of any of them.

  11. Replacing male heroes with female versions? But

  12. You apparently could have muted that. Wish I had known as a kid

  13. I loved that. Especially since it was harbinger to impending connection.

  14. If only. Let’s just go back to BBS’s.

  15. Isn’t that Reddit? What happens to bbs with 25 years of tech

  16. I started reading with maddy. Jean came back in xfactor. Loved them both especially with the mr sinister storyline.

  17. No 😭 but i do think u should take it down and repurpose it. It's pretty nice vinyl

  18. This is elder abuse. I don’t care how bad Kamala is, Joe needs to step down.

  19. That's on them. They knew what they were getting into. I don't feel guilty about it at all.

  20. She’s too incompetent to be evil. She’ll be handled by whoever actually runs the Biden admin, only not as well spoken and way more passive.

  21. I came to the comments hoping someone already ran it through a translator and you delivered 100%. From all of us lazy bones out here - thank you.

  22. I also came hoping someone ran it thru…I’m just lazy. Take my upvote.

  23. Decentralized power. What are they going to lobby for if there is nothing to gain from it.

  24. Longshot. Made to be a gladiator, fought for his freedom and his people’s freedom despite being a clone. Never let’s anything get him down, plus his luck powers are cool 😎

  25. I came here to mention longshot, spiral, and mojo.

  26. Or it could be called situational awareness. Instead of jacking to a sub par podcast OP could have been paying attention to the vehicle signaling and saw that it was going to come into their lane and slowed down to avoid creating a panic stop. Just because the other persons head is up there ass the OP could have totally avoided the situation. But then he wouldnt get to be a victim.

  27. So his choice of podcast and someone signaling regardless of anyone seeing it means he loses right of way? And the jackass who can’t be bothered to look over their shoulder gains it even though they obviously don’t leave 3 seconds of safe braking distance?

  28. Im not citing any code, what im saying is that if the driver was paying attention to their surroundings this could have been avoided. Not that hard of a concept you, when the vast majority of drivers are self centered dumb asses you have to be more aware. The only code i can cite is common sense. But please go on thinking that the traffic code is going to protect you from self centered douche bags. Fucking clown

  29. It was avoided. He wasn’t a victim. This is idiots in cars, not victims of idiots in cars. There is the idiot, and there are people coming to the idiots defense in one way or another. What do we call those? Seen too many people cut me off with less than a car length between us and if there was a courtesy signal, you have to be laser focused on the car knowing it’s coming. I dare you to measure the time you see the signal and the actual lane change. What you’re saying is even if you scan the entire field (we don’t know if someone was behind them, or in the field of vision, signaling as well, we only have this view) in that time. Now do that for a long drive like a work commute. Stop defending idiots and call it as it is.

  30. Term limits are built in by having to keep re-electing someone into office. Ranked ballot voting is a much better fix and would help remove the power of the duopoly parties.

  31. Ranked ballot has not proven to work. In fact it’s shown that the winner can still muster far less support than vote for one way.

  32. So what you’re saying is that they wasted the resources, the opportunity, the talent, and the good will built up by First Class, in a rush to make something obviously half-assed? Sounds about right.

  33. Investment yrs for companies are tough on stock. If they ever get in a pickle they could sell some of their 214k patents. Motorola did this in the 90’s. They could also cease dividend. I’ve been buying on the way down since $40. I’ve always made money on $intc. Might take time.

  34. Yes but Motorola’s is gone. If they sell off they would need to show a return. And if they cease the dividend many will flee. Intel is not the same stock from way back. They have high standards and have a overinflated opinion of themselves (used to work for one of their suppliers). They need to translate that into highly sought products or risk being a third tier company or worse.

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