1. I've done the one night up in Whistler thing. I didn't find it worth it. Long drive for a cute but super expensive village.

  2. I thought the Van Gogh one was kinda cool. I'm not super into it but I found it interesting. I didn't see any ads for it though so I wasn't hyped up as much as I was signed up by the wife but it was enjoyable.

  3. The Van Gogh one was fine once the mushrooms kicked in.

  4. I consider it a blessing that I don't recognize any of these people.

  5. To me, several of them kinda look like dudes you might have been really into for like a month in high school. Then you spend more than 5 minutes talking with them and realize that they just drool apple sauce and expletives, and smoke way too much weed. So you relegate them to the "absolutely not" category and keep them as distant acquaintances.

  6. It's more like many stories all rolled into one. All I could think about when I saw the photos of those gems.


  8. Abandoned? Seems like when her schedule changed the boarding facility said they would be able to rehome the cats.

  9. fair point! I should say it’s the boarding facilities responsibility to get the cats rehomed

  10. Absolutely. If I were MT and reading this now, I'd be heartbroken that after the year of not being able to rehome them, the facility didn't get in touch with me to let me know they were still available for adoption.

  11. Your comment has been removed because it violates rule 1:

  12. Even tho is sounds fake these blinds are always so gross to me. I imagine there is supposed to be some level of privacy when you see someone recognizable at these events, mask off or not.

  13. Part of the application is that you're not supposed to disclose what you see. This is super shitty of them if true.

  14. 8 posts about his fiancé in the last 9 days alone.

  15. Some people treat reddit like LiveJournal. Still not sure why, but they do.

  16. This sounds like a very unfortunate Subway advertising campaign.

  17. "Subway! It's so terrible only hostages prefer it."

  18. now if this asshole were an FNMI person using that truck to block an access road to a job site, you'd best believe he'd have been in jail about a minute after he looked at a cop wrong.

  19. It's so disappointing (but not unsurprising) that a man could purposefully drive through a crowd in front of heaps of witnesses, and still have the RCMP put out a statement like they did without doing any actual investigative work.



  22. Something something pooping on the company dime. Also Redditing. It's called shitposting for a reason, people!

  23. Do the daily hive people ever reach out to try and get Reddit traffic back to their site? Or does the ban ever get revisted , i'm new to the sub and don't really know the story behind the ban.

  24. Employees reached out fairly quickly after the ban but never followed up after we explained our decision.

  25. Personally, i'd probably have some policy for revisiting the ban somehow through community engagement. I had priors about Buzzfeed as a news organization then they started winning Pulitzer Prizes for journalism. Having some mechanism for revisiting the ban seems logical because clickfarm journalism seems like a gateway to serious journalism in some instances and possible a necessary evil to subsidize news rooms

  26. That's totally fair about Buzzfeed News. The second Daily Hive wins a Pulitzer, that could absolutely change things. Given what I've seen so far, I won't be holding my breath.

  27. Awesome thank you! Also about No.5, is it good for a couple's night out?

  28. I've never been there for a date 1 on 1, but I've been there for several double dates, and always had a good time.

  29. awesome, I was wondering if it'd be comfortable for ladies to be there as well. Thanks for confirming

  30. I'm a lady and I'm pretty comfortable there. I wouldn't be alone, but in a group or with someone else it's fine.

  31. Same here. There’s even a term for it over on one of the the justno subreddits, Christmas cancer. Plenty of narcissists that fake a terminal illness to guilt family into spending time with them.

  32. Heck, it's part of the main plot in The Royal Tenenbaums.

  33. Too bad there's not a mod that allows combat between civilians.

  34. Not a fan of him but this is the wrong thread for it. He’s done the right thing although he dragged his feet a little. It’s the prosecutors that are resisting and denying there’s a problem.

  35. Also, it's incredible the amount of people that just expect someone to stay the same forever. Politics and opinions can change over time, especially as someone gets to be more experienced with different levels of government.

  36. Feliway does nothing for this beast lol. I’ll ask the vet about kitty xanax

  37. My cat had/occasionally has the same issue. Kitty Xanax really changed her mood. And she never stopped peeing. I found that her pees are pretty much directly related to my stress level. If I have a bad day and don't let her cuddle, she'll go pee on my bed or my couch.

  38. Again you know NOTHING of what happens at these clubs so stop pretending you do and research them before commenting again. There is no live sex in view of patrons. There is no group sex. It is not a writhing mass of bodies in the middle of a room. Ignorant people like you should either educate yourself or not speak on what you don’t know.

  39. Many sex clubs have open rooms where there is sex in plain sight. I don't think that means OP's partner wants to open the relationship necessarily, but you are incorrect that no sex clubs have open-viewing live sex or group sex areas. It 100% does happen, in Canada, no less! Can't imagine the bacchanalia that could happen in even less repressed countries.

  40. I’d say you’re incompatible; but not because of the sex club interest, more so because of communication. Your gf was able to communicate her interest in attending-yet you’re struggling to communicate you disinterest. You haven’t even enquired as to why she wants to go, her disappointment levels if you refuse or if this is even a kink that she’s been suppressing. Talk to her-ask her these questions and let her know your discomfort…..

  41. It's especially weird because you can go to sex clubs and never sleep with strangers. Just wanting to go to one doesn't mean she wants to open the relationship. She might be more into the exhibitionism side of things.

  42. Just incredibly sad all around. Apparently a few other parents had a 'bad feeling' about her, but childcare is so hard to find and parents are desperate they didn't follow their gut. The childcare person was obviously taking on more kids than is permitted, and baby Mac died for the exact reason the law exists.

  43. Just goes to show that you really need to trust your base instincts when they sound warning lights. Not everyone has a choice though, with how limited daycare spots can be.

  44. It's barely more time than poor Baby Mac had to live.

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