1. Why do I instantly start humming Rage Against The Machines the second I read that lol

  2. Click my profile go to linktree and go to test and Dev Matrix

  3. Honestly, It can't not be an improvement.

  4. I am legit interested in this. I've always pondered what it would take to make those guns at least somewhat reliable. I've destroyed my fair share of them (doesn't take much.)

  5. Will this use similar parts and hardware with the harlot and cabfare?

  6. imagine paying $7 for a basic fmda frame with someone elses SVG pushed into it that took less than five minutes to create

  7. It's free in my superpack it's 7$ if y'all just want to support us on cults

  8. Been going through this list and I'm on there ♥️ merci beaucoup.

  9. Hey guys wanted to get the word out and give a massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to it and has helped us build this list as well. This is a massive repo of every Odd sea live that we know of there are so many amazing projects from every team and a lot of solo developers, and random people you've never even heard of. There are also a ton of huge community names and amazing content. There are so many resources that so many people have contributed. Please share, or just do what you can to spread the signal!

  10. I’m anxious on the release! How’s it going so far?

  11. Don’t leave this next to my moms hot glue gun please.

  12. Gage? This have something to do with the guy Rittenhouse shot? I mean he did pull a glock of some type on him

  13. Has literally nothing to do with him, it's a style pack for Glock 43s

  14. you haven't done anything to keep the wad from opening in these designs as far as I can tell

  15. We'd love any help and expertise you can bring if you're interested in helping out

  16. What is the purpose of this gun? I'm trying to envision a practical use of this and I'm coming up empty. Is there a market for single shot 22 lr barrels wrapped in plastic? Or are there hidden virtues that i am not seeing? I could see there may a very niche market for firearms that are different but usually they entail a very interesting historical significance. not being negative , just curious. it would be a way for people to make there own weapons if they had zero experience in any machine work period.

  17. It's a starter build to get into the 3D printed gun hobby and a range toy

  18. Thats fair. But is it really doable as first build for someone new to 3d printing? it doesnt look complex but as im learning there is way more to 3d printing for actual firearms as opposed to model and replicating shapes. Im a machinist and still do not feel comfortable with certain aspects of building something that someone else may hold up next to their face and pull the trigger on. As someone who knows the pressures involved with firearms and gunsmithing it still amazes me that these printed chassis and receivers actually endure the pressure.

  19. Absolutely most of it has to do with material used. We have plenty of videos of this particular model firing on the developers YouTube. AG Off Grid we have it linked on our linktree if you click my profile.

  20. when is this being released or how can i join the beta?

  21. Click my linktree and join the test/dev matrix. We only accept a few people in

  22. Dang this is sweet! I'm just hearing about it. It looks like some are pump and some are semi auto? Can it switch between the two or are there options to build it both ways.

  23. So the semi auto is mostly at concept stage right now. It has a few issues but we're doing the best we can to make it easily accessible and available. We're working out a lot of kinks and doing the best we can to get it out to everyone. The pump is tried and tested with few issues left that we're working on before the final release next month.

  24. I don't know much about the .50 Beowulf, does it work with a simple blowback or does it require something like a ar-15 needing gas to release the bolt.

  25. If u are asking about the UPC: It's a standard configuration for ar15's but instead of useing combustion gasses we are useing a pump to operate the BCG. There are several designs that do this already to include several comercial offerings. If you wondering about normal 50 Beowolf uppers you can add to any ar15 lower: it's just normal Simi gas impinged piston just like any ar15. -AG

  26. Why does the 'Sea have such a bad search function? Or is it purposely hamstrung?

  27. No idea but we have a direct link on our linktree just click my profile and click the linktree

  28. Any chance you could design it double barrel since the head of the bolt is so wide you could have two barrels side by side

  29. Still in testing? Working on a (no offence) even bigger super pack 👀

  30. It's a Harlot super pack with many many iterations of everyone's favorite harlot mods

  31. Beyond your 1.0 pack with the reskins? Been scraping the net and havent seen any other

  32. How many tries did it take to get a good print out of the frame with the Nordic symbols?

  33. How user friendly is that CAD program compared to Freecad, Fusion, or Solidworks? Also is there a free/hobbyist version?

  34. Honest question. What would stop rickety joe from banning 3d printer guns then just having the same people that already monitor people online now monitor where these stl files are stored and downloaded? Not trying to start shit but I think less attention drawn to it is a good thing.

  35. People who love guns 🤝 people who want get abortions

  36. We're pro freedom for everyone not a select few and I think that's what scares them

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