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  1. What did you use to cut it? Looks like such thick plastic 😬

  2. First I took a knife to make a hole. Then used scissors. Its not at thick as one may think. Was super easy to cut

  3. I'm a sucker for the facial cleanser and the moisturizer. Had to get every last bit of the old one before I could use the new one 😅

  4. Yesterday my daughter only wanted to watch Super Kitties. No matter what else we did, Super kitties had to be playing in the background. I started singing Super Titties to make myself laugh.

  5. My son has discovered super kitties and is very fond of it

  6. "You try keeping your figure after 10,000 kids!"

  7. I have nightmares still about the abuse I endured. It's hard to forget laying on the floor watching a movie and your birther coming from the kitchen just to kick you as hard as they can. They tore a muscle in their foot doing that.

  8. The property was bought out a couple years ago. Condos are going to be built there

  9. It was better before the daughter owned it. I miss the classic, inviting interior and their old menu

  10. Good for you, but not everyone has to. You can still wait for marriage to go horizontal dancing and still end up in heartbreak, stds, and whatever the hell else you said. Being a virgin or not does not determine the happiness of one's relationship. I know, I know, crazy thought. perish such a thought amirite? People who wait till marriage to do the rolling do-si-do can still end up unhappy and divorced while those who have adventured under the sheets before a piece of paper saying they're a package can have a long lasting, fulfilling, happy marriage.

  11. I wanted to breastfeed my son so bad, but I couldn't produce enough to feed him. I felt horrible. I went to the Dr. and the moron had the audacity to say "breast is best." I told him I wasn't producing. "Mix what you make with the formula". Had to raise my voice to say I wasn't producing and thats why I was here. Waited in a room for an hour for some man to tell me that me not being able to produce breast milk was wrong. Was infuriating

  12. Your tongue has incredible tactile capabilities. So much so, that if you look at any object, you can vividly imagine what it would feel like to lick it. Go ahead, look at the wall, your shirt, your shoe—the tongue knows.

  13. I did this to my husband sometime back, and once in a while teeming him of it. He doesn't like it 😂

  14. Thank you kindly for your help! Sorry that it had taken me a moment. Was my first time using the circle. c:

  15. The admin cheated, then tried to delete the server and bail without a word. The rest of the team is bringing the server back

  16. there we go with the guy one month late..

  17. ?? Not everyone gets the game release day. Not everyone researches every little detail about a game. Wtf dude, get some air.

  18. It wasn't until we were pregnant with our kid- originally scheduled for exactly 9 months after Valentine's day but needed to come out a bit early because he was killing my wife from the inside- that my wife realized she was born exactly 9 months after her father's birthday.

  19. My son was born on my husband's grandmother's ( from his dad's side ) birthday. Everyone was super excited about it ❤

  20. Yeah mine went in the trash. I think it’s so gross, I didn’t even take a picture.

  21. Totally understandable! I just wanted to show my husband when I met up with him after he got off work, and I sure wasn't going to bring a used test with me.

  22. I think the part where someone commits suicide and comes back as a gengar on the ghost leader's team is a better example. Or the lady who attempts suicide because she can no longer gaslight her best friend into dating her. Or the orphan torture hospital.

  23. Okay but what hacks have those because I'm quite curious about all of those

  24. Vaporeon has been my favorite since Gen 1. Don't be rude to my baby, Athena :(

  25. You also have Barry Wally acting as a secondary rival meeting you at victory road with a fully evolved ralts.

  26. If I don’t clean my dishes/sink after a couple of days it starts to smell bad enough that you can smell it as soon as you walk in the front door. There’s no way it didn’t absolutely wreak. You were probably just nose blind to it until you started to actually get into it. If you’ve had any company over in all that time, they probably just didn’t say anything to be polite.

  27. my kitchen is next to our door. like, you enter and one of the entrances to the kitchen is just to your left. I could NEVER let it get like this. This dude's sink is just YIKES

  28. How dare you - I'm only 31. I got time >:c

  29. Had a former coworker that was making fun of another employee- mind you the former was 30 something and the latter was 18 or 19- for going to college. Was wild

  30. Reminds me of my last long-distance relationship. A hard one to keep on. Those who manage to turn it into marriages always astonish me.

  31. I feel lucky everyday that mine worked out fantastically. Long distance dating for almost 11 years. Started out as childhood sweethearts, really, in 2004. When we were teenagers it really hit us how much we cared for one another and that we really had something amazing. That was around 2008ish. We tried for several years to get moved in together, but it felt like everything that could go wrong, did. Moved in together finally in 2014, got a puppy and got married in 2015, and had a baby in 2018. I've had people look at me in either baffudlement or amazement about how long we been together. I'm meeting people from my games that go "your relationship is older than I am!"

  32. And about half of that 50% are previously healthy individuals with no underlying conditions. Sepsis does not care about you.

  33. Lost my best friend to sepsis. She was 22. Was a perfectly healthy individual. I miss her

  34. I’m so happy that my husband picked up on this. I’ve got trauma history so it took a long time to get to a point where I felt safe and comfortable with sex (not to mention not having to stop for panic attacks).

  35. As accurate as it is, the last step killed me 🤣

  36. I think how you feel about Clint is a pretty clear indicator of whether or not you've actually met (or been the object of obsession for) someone like him. I strongly dislike Clint because I KNOW Clints - awkward and shy at first, a little creepy but harmless, surely. You give them a little bit of kindness and benefit of the doubt - "he just needs a friend!" "he's just a little awkward!" He becomes obsessive, jealous, and borderline stalkerish, wanting to know what you're up to and scorning anyone else who could "take you away from him." This seems to be as far as Clint goes, but I can tell you that it often continues to get worse - manipulation, threats of self harm, sometimes even violence.

  37. Thank you for putting it into words. I had a stalker in high school of all places. Started as a humble aqaintenceship that turned sour. Manipulation, jealousy, and SA, with some stalking added on top. While he and Clint are not one and the same, they share characteristics that make me incredibly uncomfortable with the dude. Am I saying Clint is absolutely horrible? No. But I would rather not take a chance

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