1. A few more candles. Some more battery-powered lights. A solar panel (even just a small one). A camp stove for hot water would have been nice.

  2. I've been watching this trial all day. This guy is truly a piece of shit. If Wisconsin isn't a death penalty state they should just show a picture of this guy to the lawmakers and it'll be overturned. There is absolutely not a single redeeming quality to this guy.

  3. WI was Dahmer country. Still no death penalty.

  4. I don't want to be that bitch, but I seem to recall similar conditions in Somalia in 1992-3. Things didn't go so well on the famine relief front there. Watching American soldiers' bodies dragged through the streets of Mogadishu by a rejoicing mob tends to stay some helping hands when the issues there reach a crisis point.

  5. I just have one question. What does Balor have in his arsenal as a submission hold?

  6. He's in dire need of some discipline, for sure. Maybe he can get stranded at the New Japan dojo and spend a couple years as a young lion, cleaning toilets and doing laundry for the senior wrestlers while getting trained properly.

  7. It was Bret, and it wasn't even close. Everyone arguing for Shawn wasn't around during the early to mid 90s.

  8. John A students threw rocks at us during football games and started huge fights. Over 10 years ago that is.

  9. Sounds as though the fight would have been a similar size? Were the cops called to break it up? Do we have any media coverage of such happenings? A link to an article, perhaps?

  10. They threw rocks at us. Simply put. Not sure how that’s up for debate? Are you sour someone said something bad about your former high school? That’s weird.

  11. Are you sad that you only have an anecdote to provide for an incident that never made it to the news? If there was violence involving John A., at a football game where witnesses galore would have seen it and reported on it (especially if it was less than ten years ago when phone cameras were definitely a thing), you don't think that that would have made the news the next day? I'm sure it would have...if it had happened as you claim.

  12. Lol these people have a weird point if view... nuclear weapons are on line as we speak... have been and will be! Subs and solid fuled missles require lunch code and go. Liquid filled a bit longer... when they start dusting off nukes we are getting ready for second round strikes, they won't start dusting until first syrikes are on there way.... that was to make you feel safe... lol

  13. US nuclear weapons are online. Always have been, always will be, because the US government has a _highly_ vested interest in keeping everything in working order, and has the funding capability to ensure that that's what happens. There will _never_ be a profit motive involved with the maintenance of the US nuclear arsenal. The US government would sooner dismantle those weapons it cannot maintain in-house than contract out those services.

  14. If one wants to hedge their bets financially, now might be a good time to buy British pounds. Once Labour gets in, that'll be worth its weight in gold.

  15. "WERE" being the key word. Stop trying to make everything a racial issue when they already made the changes!!

  16. Have they, though? Honestly, just because they're not loading the city's coffers on "driving while black" fines doesn't mean all is well with HRP on the fairness front. 4000 teenagers and young adults should not be partying in the streets without consequence, and yet here they are tying up city resources and forcing five businesses to leave money on the table being forced to close early because a)someone would rather punish a long-resident Lebanese family than send some rich little kids back to their parents for breaking the law, and b) heaven forbid Dalhousie enforce its own code of conduct in an effort to maintain relations with their neighbours, when they've got a plethora of teenagers from across the country drinking while underage and not hauling them over the coals for it.

  17. You are the one who made this a race issue and when confronted with the facts that they made changes to eradicate them, you switch back to the origional topic and gaslight everyone.

  18. My sweet summer child. You think that eliminating one overt pattern of misbehavior by the cops, the police force and its policies and practices are entirely without blemish now? You don't think they'd let a similarly-sized and -disruptive party slide if it took place, say, in Uniacke Square, or in Highfield Park? They'd have shut that down if more than 20 people were spotted milling around; and, dollars to donuts, if they'd had that armored personnel carrier bought and paid for, that piece of kit would have been deployed. But no. The Establishment University's best and brightest get to overrun a neighborhood, piss and shit where they eat, and the cops have to hold back until there's 4000 of these little cretins on the scene?

  19. I haven't gone to Dal for years so I'm admittedly way out of the loop, but how can you blame CPL any more than you can blame the Beastie Boys or Animal House? Wild college parties were a cultural fixture well before social media.

  20. Not on the scale we've seen recently - not in Halifax.

  21. Quick breads, aktooally, but yeah....

  22. NATO doesn't do peacekeeping missions. That's the UN Security Council - of which Russia is a permanent member (until somebody sorts out that the Russian Federation is legally not the same as the USSR). Like every other permanent member on the Security Council, Russia has veto powers. So, they're not going to let that happen.

  23. I'm glad to see it - if for no other reason, to shut up those who claim that Trudeau was afraid of such a thing as this.

  24. OpSec, my friend. Always observe it (and, before anyone pipes up about what it means, it's been the general term, within the prepper community, for protecting oneself and one's preps since I joined the movement in 2009. KISS)

  25. Dal is “minimizing risk” by “encouraging dry events” which just causes all the students to drink off campus. Unrealistic of Dal to think they can put on only dry events and try to pretend they have nothing to do with drinking in the community.

  26. Unrealistic to think that parents of 17- and 18-year-olds) (yes, first-year students graduating as normal from a NS high school can be as young as 17) won't see dollar signs when their precious little Tucker or Aymee facedives and bumps their noggin at a "university-approved event."

  27. Exactly, we don't exactly cover what the civil war was or what the sides stood for or what the flags flown represented.

  28. I seem to recall giving a report in Grade Eight about the US Civil War and that its primary reason was the institution of slavery in the South. At the time, it just happened that the miniseries _North and South_ was on TV and so interest in the subject might have had an uptick at that time.

  29. See, I can see this from everyone's perspective here.

  30. It's all fun and games until their ratings with MacLean's takes a beating and every other school in the city looks good in comparison.

  31. Ten thousand Quebecois who would like to sign on to the Constitution, then.

  32. I think we can firmly draw a line at academic reasoning advocating for depriving groups of their fundamental human or civil rights.

  33. It's a crime problem caused by poor site design for the location coupled by opportunity.

  34. If you just got rid of needs, you could build a small roundabout there and improve that intersection and reduce crime all at the same time.

  35. There isn't enough traffic there to justify a roundabout; Windsor isn't as big a thoroughfare as Robie Street and the flow between North Street and the Willow Tree is sufficiently managed by Robie. The place for a roundabout on Windsor is at Young/Bayers.

  36. "I cannot put my finger on it now, the child has grown, the dream is gone...."

  37. Name and shame the workplace. I want to know who to avoid.

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