AITA for telling the family that adopted my dog that they had no permission to rename him?

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AITA for laughing in my husbands face??

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  1. I don’t know how to add a screenshot to my comment but have you already unlocked the Ostrich? He requires a facility unlocked as well as 3 food items unlocked to appear.

  2. Yes he’s unlocked, I’m just trying to figure out how to entice him to come in 10 times. Doesn’t seem they have a flower pattern, and all the promos attract everyone but.

  3. For my husband to listen and act on my kinks, not pretend that his kinks are my kinks. Quit calling me horny, stop touching my currently breastfeeding tits and asking me to dress up. Straight up told him I’d like to do more deep kissing, and he acted like a pubescent boy talking to his friends about “frenching”.

  4. Has no one else had the thought, “my god I’d die on those stairs!” I do like the living room, I want an amusing slightly crazy little Gypsy/hobbit kinda guy to live there, tell me stories that are hard to follow and make no sense.

  5. I'm at 1300 now :x We need something else to spend them on. Would love to see them as currency in the takeout, perhaps?

  6. I just hate sitting there “spinning the bottle” lol. Definitely do not need so many as rewards for everything!

  7. Anchor Moore honey. They moved here from Manitoba, have a place by Balgonie. They are great people and the honey is good.

  8. For my January girl I struggled with a couple names I wanted. Betty - Betty white had just passed away Jolene- just the song and that cat meme bugged me Minnie- I reallly like this one, but realllly dislike Minnie Mouse more .

  9. Yes! Same! When both of my daughters were born I strongly considered Elsie, but my husband brought up that it might be too close of an association.

  10. I used Elsie on my 2020 girl. Love it, no ones really commented on the Elsa bit. I wanted Annie for our second and husband said no way it’s too similar to Elsa and Anna. Dang Disney.

  11. I loved Jolene but could because of the Dolly Parton song. I named my little girl Joanie 🥰

  12. I think you are overthinking it. This happens to almost everyone at some point. Joanie is a feminine name. I have a name that is really only used for girls, still happens to me sometimes. People often say Mr. … when they read my name somewhere. Don’t feel offended by it, the people at the doctor are often so stressed out, she probably just misheard it, but saw what it was later.

  13. More than likely yes. Hormones being crazy, plus lack of sleep is probably the real culprit here. I meant to write more of a hey isn’t that worth a little chuckle kind of post and ended up with this 🙈.

  14. No, Evie like the Pokemon in most cases. I've never met an Evelyn who didn't go by Evie. I tutor/babysit so I tend to run into a large volume of kids. It's like Benjamin in that, yeah, you'll meet some who go by the full version, but the nickname is almost the default.

  15. I am an Evelyn. No one has ever tried to even call me Evie like Pokémon. I have gotten Eh-vee. I shut down any kind of nickname, my damn name is Evelyn. I absolutely cringe at my name being so popular now.

  16. I’ve loved Odette since the swan Princess. It feels so classic.

  17. I tried to get that name for my second because of the movie. Hubby said no, we almost went with Sylvie as well. Ended up with Joanie. We need to stop saying no to names just because you know a middle aged lady with the same name. Naming my child after a lovely middle aged hippie sounds good to me 🤷‍♀️

  18. I had a cat named piper, that would come running to me for “poopsie myer wiener snitchel “ the dog can handle Willy to rudy.

  19. I hated being pregnant. Just had my second this morning. What a relief. I can’t stand my body while pregnant, the nausea, heartburn, shortness of breath, stretch marks, itchy tummy. I’m the total opposite of the lady who loves her alien kicking around. I couldn’t fall asleep if she was moving in the slightest. Yes it’s great to get a baby out of it but I consider almost an entire year of my life a throwaway to being pregnant.

  20. Bend down, pick something up, and get back up again. ETA: I’m 40+2 today so yeah.

  21. My grandmothers middle name is Fredella. It’s a mashup of the couple her parents bought her childhood farm from. Grandma said it was fine since the couple she was namesaked for brought her gifts when they visited.

  22. Something along the lines of “well what is it?” We were team green, and my second shift of nurses/doctors were jerks and ignored most of what I was saying or wanting. No clue I had no clue, didn’t give me the “it’s a…” moment. They just unwrapped the towel they had her in, and looked at me. “I don’t have my glasses on can you please tell me!?” Come on people 😑

  23. I grew up with a “grandma” name and loved that no one had it. Now it’s a top ten/thirty name depending where you’re counting. I still hate sharing it, but I know it’s mostly mine for my generation. I like the song goodnight Irene, and almost pitched that to my husband. However I also fear mocking from others over it.

  24. I think Minnie Driver but I think most people will default to mouse. It is a shame because it is really cute. I had a similar issue with the name Arthur when I was trying to name my LO — could not get that cartoon out of my head so I ditched it. Love Hettie & Lottie

  25. It’s funny you say that, my father is an Arthur. I barely think of the cartoon .

  26. I feel like the Minnie Mouse Mouse connection is unavoidable, unfortunately. I share a surname with a few animated people/creatures, and this is very annoying!

  27. My brothers name is Edward and we call him Eddie, so I pitch Edie and husband starts saying Eddie. I like Bonnie, a few have mentioned it, but we had a terrible experience with a real crazy Bonnie in our lives. I like Maisy, like Daisy, but he keeps saying it Macy, which is totally different to me. With how much it drives me crazy just him doing it, I know I’d go mad when others do. I’m going nuts with trying to name this child.

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