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  1. have you tried toggling between handheld+ and pro controller in settings?

  2. big ole bract holes because they autotrimmed it to completion.

  3. if anyone is interested the authors repo has an extensive list of other replica desktops to try out (emuOS is the way).

  4. unzip all of the batch decryptor contents into a standard folder and then place the .3DS file within that same folder.

  5. not even one mention of tingle smh.

  6. Calm down satan let him start with street fighter 2 champion edition, then he can go to turbo,

  7. "Why are you talking about decompiling when the topic is on source code"

  8. open source projects provide all of the source code, resources and assets. you wouldn't need to decompile, it's all supposed to be available for the purpose of test building.

  9. I modded the old patching scrip to work on MacOS if that is what you run

  10. gui's like nsc builder and sak don't seem to be able to form those merged files.

  11. yeah, that's a vulkan API error.

  12. ah, I remember when truelieve took ownership of the harvest locations back in az. they took an already rigid corporate structure and turned it into a literal funnel.

  13. you could try to toggle the thread sync settings.

  14. yeah, the source code hasn't matched up since last october when weihouya started scraping user suite activity and selling aggregates.

  15. it's less playable than on vita3k.

  16. "Cryo" refers to the temperature of extraction, in that the extraction solvent as well as the Biomass (Fresh frozen or Cured Flower) is processed at ulta-low temperatures utilizing multiple extremely powerful Ultralow -85c Chillers.

  17. CRC is not a complicated topic (I've gone back and forth with dred on this), it's just obfuscated from understanding by the industry, there's nothing complicated about pushing a hydrocarbon based extract through a filter column that's been packed with absorbent media.

  18. Filtration is filtration, as in a series of filters in finer sizes, starting with 20um sintered disc's on each column, down to 5um, 1um, and finally a dual flow .2um filtration in a custom fabricated housing.

  19. I'm not hopping over to 4200, that's like the second time someone has asked me today. and I'm sorry if the responses read as pedantic or affectedly rigid as you might be used to, but this is an addressable issue with a common consensus that might not have been adequately expounded upon without some level of pointed escalation.

  20. I don't know that this is totally true. Cannabis is still a cash crop, and people have been growing other crops for thousands of years. If it was that easy to produce better quality at home for less than it can be bought, we'd all be growing tomatoes/lettuce/wheat/corn pick whatever one you want.

  21. I'm worried about the racoon. I hope the little guy is not struggling.

  22. this, fresh concrete is caustic.

  23. RC may want to look into better methods of extraction because if what they say is true - then there's about to be a lot of unusable biomass.

  24. Would you mind sharing your favorite luster pods of any brand? I’m not sure how many you’ve tried but I’m curious about your opinion on it. I’ve personally only found klutch pods to be satisfactory on any level.

  25. I’ve tried every strain that klutch has offered in full spectrum and live resin luster pods. My favorites are icc, sherbhead, motorbreath, orange 43, and lemon slushee in full spectrum. The live resin was so tasty and potent with the pineapple pz x icc and orange 43. The rest of the live resin was almost too terpy for the high temp of the luster and was harsh. I’m wondering how the lower wattage batteries hit. Also I’ve tried POW, FiSci, butterfly effect, and Buckeye pods and the effects seem very short lived compared to the klutch ime, although I’ve had some that taste ok from BE and Buckeye. Thanks for the info.

  26. understandable, terpene content can easily peak in terms of volatility, sort of like mismatched ratio sauce.

  27. you won't have to move anything, they share the same created folder/name.

  28. ppsspp gold is just the supporters version, it gets you a golden app logo but all of the functionality is identical.

  29. lol those two wack ass old people trying to get a photo and failing.

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