1. People who lean into hard lined dictatorial Marxism type of governments and talk about how the wasteful spoiled life of Western nations leaves them militarily soft.

  2. I haven't seen the list but I wonder how many charges are duplicates like back-up lesser degree charges in case a jury doesn't agree on 1st degree.

  3. Drugs... Drugs, orgies and fine dining. Or at least that is how I plan my retirement to be spent.

  4. Harrison Ford got $10.000 for Star Wars and catapulted to A list especially following it up with Raiders of the Lost Ark

  5. Harrison Ford was already going places after American Graffiti. He'd already been cast in movies by Lucas and Coppola starring among some of the biggest names at the time. So while yes, Star Wars/Indie sure as hell didn't do him any harm he was well on his way regardless.

  6. Dumbass barely managed 2%... instantly goes for the exploratory grift. Libertarians are nothing but Republicans. Two pieces of the same shit, one just has more nuts.

  7. Oh drat, I was really hoping to see them choose a candidate by way of a heated game of Rock'em Sock'em Robots this year.

  8. He isn't a libertarian he was born an oligarch.

  9. Now this is some good old classic propaganda! It's almost wholesome in its simplistic style, you can definitely feel a timeless quality in it. Like at any point historically this would have been the same. Before Waterloo, had this been said about Napoleon it'd have the same effect and we'd be chuckling about it in history books.

  10. For the right amount of money FIFA would allow Nambla host your child's birthday party.

  11. I gotta ask, is Nambla an actual thing or is that just a south park referrence?

  12. People, read the article. The dumbass who made this edited title misled you more than a little bit.

  13. My boy sat around with his pile of F'u money and built a scaled model of the entire thing.

  14. Fucking American idiots ranting about gun rights needed in a foreign country that doesn't have nearly any of the problems caused by gun rights laws.

  15. Traditionally there's a shit ton of shooters, most of whom had blanks.

  16. Perhaps but you said "blanks", that is not available until cartridges are created.

  17. It's idiots like this that force the rest of us to wade through a sea of warning labels.

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