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  1. Make it that way for the next generation. Put up those lights and carve that pumpkin.

  2. I guess this level of despair is highly regional, because here in central FL neighborhoods go hard for Halloween, Christmas, and even independence day.

  3. Exactly. It seems like every year the merchandise for each holiday is put our earlier and earlier. Halloween is getting more and more popular every year. I don’t buy the theory that holidays used to be more festive than they are now.

  4. There's a house about a mile and a half down the road from me that you can see the light pollution over the trees from his Christmas lights standing in my driveway. People will drive from all over the Tampa area to check it out. One of my neighbors covers his yard in fake snow and has all sorts of custom motorized shit. Most people in the neighborhood have lights up starting a couple weeks before Divali until after new years. We're living our best lives here before the ocean, hurricane, or both consume us

  5. Original owner of a '13 and the only mod I have in a mentos washer fluid cap

  6. I don't understand why beverages don't exclusively come in cans or glass bottles while bioplastic tech improves. Plastic bottles are clearly a huge problem globally, and recycling infrastructure exists in many places right now for metal and glass.

  7. That's definitely progress but 80 day shelf life is a very short amount of time

  8. Ideal for perishables that get wrapped in plastic like produce, dairy, meat

  9. I got one off eBay before I realized the leather on my knob was toast. PM me your address and I'll mail it to you if you're in the US

  10. Bolognese is a meat sauce, and most of those spices (especially if multiple of them) takes away from the meat. I use plenty of spices in various sauces but Bolognese is best as-is to me.

  11. I'm with you here, dried herbs are a big waste in Bolognese. I'd go so far as to say dried basil shouldn't even exist, it tastes like an ash tray compared to fresh.

  12. My wife thinks I'm making it up when I point out various Ford's that are not tangerine scream, today this settled the argument

  13. I've always wanted to see the yellow side by side, and today I finally got the chance. Not sure if the owner is on here, but the open spot in the parking lot felt like destiny

  14. Nothing like plush floor mats no one will feel through their shoes and will get gross and dirty. Weird to me, but you do you.

  15. I drive my car once a week, maybe twice. 80% of the time I'm driving barefoot because I only wear slides or flip flops in FL and that feels sketchier to drive in than barefoot

  16. I live in central Florida, mine stay outside in full sun rain or shine; getting rain every day is not unusual. Providing your soil has sufficient drainage you should be good

  17. Thor 4 got me a bit teary eyed(mostly cause it really really hit home cause I have cancer), BP2 is going to hit and now this one looks to be a sad end to the trilogy. Fuck man! How far the MCU has come in 14 years. I love this franchise and through all the highs and lows I’ll stick with them.

  18. Am I the weird one for not wanting any more Agatha? I felt like she did her part in Wandavision and there's an abundance of other more interesting stories waiting to be told

  19. Not every project is for every viewer. I've got absolutely no interest in Echo or a Captain America film from the writers of FATWS so I'll skip those ones. But if somebody else enjoys it more power to them.

  20. Who knows, maybe I'll be singing a different tune when it releases. I honestly gave zero shits about Ms Marvel before it came out and thought it was pretty good

  21. The Philly burger is my go to. For the uninitiated, it's basically a cheesesteak on top of your burger

  22. I was going to say, he's missing a South of the Border bumper sticker, but there it is

  23. My wife is from Chittenango and I feel like mentioning L Frank Baum is always a dead giveaway when someone is from there.

  24. I'm not from Texas, don't like Texas, but their BBQ is on another level compared to anything I've ever had in the Carolinas

  25. I feel like Texas and Florida are in a similar place. Both really have a lot to offer and could be great places, except that a good chunk of people in both are kinda out there and the state government is more interesting in virtue signaling than leadership.

  26. Agreed. I'm a Florida man and I love this state, but our politics are all about fighting an imaginary culture war. Too many people vote for shit because they're against something rather than being for anything.

  27. How tf your headlights are so clear lol

  28. I strongly suggest the cerakote kit sold at Walmart. It was insanely easy to go from yellow cloudy headlights to looking branded new on my 2013 that gets abused by the Florida sun

  29. Who would have thought that there's more nuance in the right to choose than just "you want to kill babies or not."

  30. I don't know why they think this will make money. I assume they've been doing this with the directional in their cars for years, based on my experience BMW owners haven't paid for that

  31. why wouldn't it make money, every car you'll have ever owned will have tech inside it which is locked behind software they are simply making it easier for people to unlock it.

  32. Look, I'm just here to make jokes about BMW owners being asshole drivers

  33. I still think this is probably my favorite of the MCU shows on Disney+ so far, but it definitely had the potential to be a far better show.

  34. Agreed, there was a lot of clunky shit in this show, but Kamala, her family, and friends made up for it and it was an enjoyable ride. I look forward to more Ms Marvel

  35. When I lived in Italy, I hit up every AC location to get an idea of how well they captured the cities, I would have otherwise probably never gone to San Gimignano or Montereggioni, as I lived in Napoli and tended to travel more southern Italy and Sicilia

  36. Sorry, but if a 9 yo plays Mk the concern is absolutely necessary. I don't mind a 16 yo playing a 18+ game, but a 9 yo is way to young for that. These age restrictions are there for a reason.

  37. As a dad I get the point you're going for, but as a person who started playing the original MK at the age of 8 and had no issue becoming a productive member of society I think it really depends on the kid.

  38. If it depends on the kid there is still no reason to defend taking the risk.

  39. I guess it boils down to what harm you think is actually being done. There may be some desensitization to violence because of video games with some kids, but I have less concern with fatalities in MK11 versus the toxicity of voice/chat in a game like Fortnite. To each their own

  40. Man I’m getting bummed out reading all the comments about how it’s bad. Was hoping to for it to be on the level of ragnarok. I will see how it is to me tonight though.

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