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  1. Definitely OK! Everything is looking like it should. You are very early into flower. Some growers run high humidity even during late flower with proper setups. Not saying to do it but you definitely got it in check in time. High humidity in late flower with improper airflow can cause mold in thick colas. I'm sure a slew of other problems like PM but that's just one example.

  2. It doesn't, I can assure you.

  3. Idk man, It sure does look.... Sick πŸ”₯!!! Looks like a space weed if you ask me πŸ›Έ. Would love to see her in late flower!

  4. I put another post up of the mother in flower.

  5. O man I just seen it! Exactly πŸ’― how I pictured her looking! Awesome stuff πŸ™Œ

  6. They all look like nice size small buds. I'd keep it all as long as airflow is good. Light doesn't seem to be an issue and honestly even if they take a bit longer to finish you could take what's ready and leave the lowers to finish! Unless it's some random new scruff or just not able to keep up I'd keep it!

  7. She looks hungry. I'm guessing your going into flower and that soil might be depleting. Its from the lower leafs so would have me thinking it's possibly time for food. It could be something else, add some info on the weeks and medium!

  8. They are both ethos one sour D one purple Thai there in a coco perlite mix day 29 - 30 ..... I hope so bad time for stress I'm at work an I left instructions for my bm cause I'm gone for 3 weeks smh scared to death

  9. What have you been feeding them prior? Yeah similar size and age I'd think she's hungry. Luckily you caught it before you left! It's from the lower section so she's just eating up the stuff she's needs on the old leafs.

  10. Smoke 1st.... ask questions later 🀣. Looks a little old but if you crack the bud and your not seeing anything suspicious, I'd smoke it. I had some Greasemonkey that gotten that same amber look to it. Was just trichome coloring. The bud smoked just fine, wasn't as strong as when I 1st had it but still did the job just fine! I always look for mold in bud no matter where it comes from!

  11. Thanks. Do you mean 2 parts of alcohol to 3 parts of water?

  12. NP!!! 20-30 % alcohol in a spray bottle and the rest fill with water! Sorry hope that helps, I'm not to measurement savy lol. Just make sure to turn your fans up if you can to help evaporate a little quicker!

  13. Quick follow up - how often should I apply this treatment? Weekly basis or when I spot mites?

  14. How bad is the current infection? Based on what I've found 72 hours of watch is pretty good. With a once a day treatment. Make sure to get under the leafs πŸƒ because the eggs gotta die as well! I also recommend diatomaceous earth on the soil as a treatment to all new soils. It helps big time with keeping little critters at bay off the start. Had to fight these little shits on a spider plant and snake plant I upsized and was lazy about pest management.

  15. Just eating up the fans! Life of the plant is near! As long as things are looking smooth and your not seeing any dying nasty twisted leafs then your good! Old fans will go and the buds will fatten up just a tad bit more πŸ˜‰

  16. Thank you so much for your replies I appreciate it - you've made me feel less shit about being paranoid/kicking up a fuss.

  17. I do all types of DIY repairs as a new homeowner. Electrical work I rarely touch. If I absolutely had to I would to some extent. Id rather have a professional especially for big repairs. This just looks like a accident waiting to happen. I WOULD demand someone to come out asap. I've seen some janky looking work but this scream Electrical fire.

  18. First time grower so I really don't know if I should cut my losses or if there's hope

  19. The only losses your going to have Is if you don't finish this out. If this is your 1st grow....then congratulations on getting to this point! Some people don't even make it past the seedling stage. Might as well ride the last few weeks out. You have no current expectations on it so use it as a learning experience. See exactly what the last weeks of flower look like. You also still need to learn to dry and cure like a champ because that is the next steps to master. Your going to get something from this harvest! Is it going to be top shelf? Probably not! Will it bring a smile to your face? πŸ’― it will! Who ever said cut your losses is someone I wouldn't take advice from!! Keep it up!!

  20. That is the sickest thing I've ever seen. Fuck the Bat Cave! Bruce Wayne ain't got nothing on this setup! πŸ™ŒπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  21. O man..... it's not looking good. You got a gnarly case of trichomites. In a few weeks they are going to fully infest & take over! 🀣 Looking sticky!!! πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

  22. Yea this is so surreal it’s like a group of dudes playing Call of Duty or something. Fucking crazy.

  23. That's exactly what I thought.... this was honestly horrifying. I scrolled pasted it confused what I was watching.

  24. i noticed a few a while ago so i sprayed them with a hose a couple of times to keep em at bay… is there anything more effective at this stage of flower?

  25. 70% Alcohol, use a 20-30 Alcohol to water ratio and blast those sucks. Alcohol will evaporate and won't leave a funky taste like oil sprays will but will kill them and the eggs. It's looking pretty invested, I'd still bud wash them but if you got a few days left of growing I'd nuke those things before it's to late. Just turn the fans up to help get them dried off.

  26. Gotta say ur doing better in cups than I see people doing in 5 gals lol nice lookin plants homie

  27. The truth πŸ™Œ πŸ’― look πŸ‘Œ. That is some awesome solo cup work.

  28. I'm getting ready for the down votes and bro science but 70% alcohol. 20-30% in a spray bottle, rest water! πŸ›πŸ”«πŸ™Œ

  29. thanks. My instinct tells me the trichomes will melt or die but It's worth a try first. Is this something that's done or you figured it out?

  30. Promise it won't hurt your lady's. Try it on a small branch. I've tried up to 50/50 mix. That's just over kill, 20 to 30 % is more then enough to do the job! Give them a good spray and put the fans up a little higher. It will evaporate pretty quick.

  31. Thank you for your suggestion and sharing your experience. I do wonder how the alcohol would interact with them. Might give it a test.

  32. It's then sure fire way to make them go away for good! Kills them with in seconds ans also the eggs. I mix 20-30 % alcohol to a spray bottle and fill the rest with water. Treat for a few days and no more mites. It's safe, I've used up to 50% as well but that's costly and it's a bit overwhelming on the smell. Just make sure it's just 70% nothing else added to it.

  33. Growing in 100% coco using canna nutes in autopots. I wish I had used coco years ago.

  34. How many days after sprout did you start to nutes? And also what are you using for PH? They look amazing!! πŸ’ͺ πŸ”₯

  35. yup, I just saw this one purely out of "luck" as it simply appeared in the microscope, it was really nothing that I could see in bare eye. i checked the other flowers and couldn't find any other bugs, so I'm just thinking the same as you, I'll just check to see if they're not growing in numbers and it should be fine as it shouldn't take long for the chops on this one either

  36. A mix of 70% alcohol and water in a spray bottle can definitely help get ride of pest in flower with out hurting her or leaving a funky taste. The alcohol will zap these kind of pest in seconds. Even eggs on the underside of leafs.

  37. But the resin is soluble to alcohol so u are dissolving the good stuff, no offense but not good advice to spray alcohol in flower.

  38. Then wouldn't bud washing be a bad idea? It will not effect the trichomes (resin).

  39. Pluck a leaf and look underneath it and on top for bugs. If you can't find any I'd let it ride. It does look like rust but I'd make sure you weed out the obvious. If you find some critters then mix some 70% alcohol with some water in a spray bottle!

  40. Was just going to say I'd check for bugs. Id mix some 70% alcohol with some water and spray her down. Could be some trips or mites. Those are definitely some bug bites! Best to do is watch her for bugs over the next few days. Even If you removed some eggs some might be around and hatching. I'd clean the area really well. Some times pest cause things that look like a deficiency.

  41. I make tea with my stems, just put some water in a pot and what ever you got. I let it go for about 30-45min and drink it down. Good body effect and great sleep 😴 πŸ’€

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