1. Cirrus wins in quality, development, and support over everyone else. The SR20 is a trainer despite what Cirrus says, I'll use the SR22/T as an example because that's the best selling model.

  2. There's actually tons of other planes with factory ballistic chutes these days!

  3. See, THIS, RIGHT HERE, is my actual worst nightmare. I will never be able to relate to people who enjoy slowly, painfully squeezing themselves through rock holes barely bigger than their heads, in the dark, a mile under the surface, sometimes underwater... Just plain nightmarish.

  4. Underwater is fine... It's the trappedinaholeandyoucantevenwiggleortakeaproperbreath part that makes it terrifying

  5. Yeah because going faster than sound is easy to lead your shot from.

  6. actually at that altitude they cannot or they can lose control due to lack of air. which is why they were going so fast.

  7. No need to be supersonic though... Mach 0.8 with something like 4° AOA would do the trick, for an F-22

  8. I live on the southern coast of NC and watched this unfold. What was crazy to me was seeing all of the components of the mission come together. We had Coast guard planes flying low over the ocean. We had a P8A sub hunter flying around. We had several air refuelers fly here from Alabama and stage above us, and more just did the coast of northern NC and the outer banks. Fighters don’t show up on transponder radar but with that many tankers we knew they were up there. Marinetracker showed a strange unknown Navy Ship 19 in the area as well.

  9. It's disconcerting to they point that I don't believe that thing entered the USA airspace without anyone noticing.

  10. Without anyone noticing? They had been tracking it since pretty much launch...

  11. Depends on the country, but usually a broken line means overtaking is allowed

  12. Yes but mashing the accelerator and passing several cars at once generally isn't, in those same countries.

  13. Passing several cars at once is legal almost everywhere. Sometimes, it is necessary to keep traffic flowing and to keep everyone safe. You severely misunderstand road safety. Please stop preaching about it.

  14. In this case (UK), it is technically legal, though strongly frowned upon. Sure, white car did not properly check their mirror and they are partially at fault (in case I need to state the obvious). But the guy passing is speeding, doesn't have a clear view of what's ahead of the white van, and is disregarding the turn signal on the white car. From the UK:

  15. “The candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long”

  16. Nah my condescending and not so smart dawg. First off it's called linear perspective but most notably that truck was parked at the back of the engine. As i've learned from the other comments the diameter of that bad boy is about 3.5m which is to say you can easily park that truck in it or even fit the girth of a 737

  17. Imagine getting a $80-90k car as a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD and throwing a fit because it's not the one you wanted. Must be nice...

  18. Every time I see a Hind I'm surprised by how large it looks AND how smaller than I thought it is, all at once. It's a weird thing. "Oh that thing is huge"... "Oh it must be so claustrophobic for the troops in there, that thing is small"...

  19. My one and only question is how come this took this long 🤔 No BS answers this should’ve ended a long long time ago already….

  20. They shot it down once it was over the Atlantic ocean and had no chance to hurt anyone/anything on the way down anymore

  21. This could have happened several days ago in Alaska though. We had a poor speed of response to this

  22. No... It was a big intel gift. They learned a lot more about Chinese capabilities flying around the balloon doing SIGINT than the Chinese learned with the stupid balloon... It was handled quite perfectly. They saw it coming way, way in advance and must have been rubbing their hands together at the chance to sniff around it

  23. And the fact that they're doing it in the open with ADS-B on is a nice touch

  24. China has hundreds of satellites in space that can look at those sensitive areas anytime they please. I have my doubts about this balloon being the big spy threat the media has painted it as.

  25. The only media making it into a huge threat is Fox News and the likes. The rest is just reporting on how the Pentagon and the White House decided to shrug it off *precisely* because it's not that much of a threat at all. The military is actually learning more from "listening" to the balloon than the balloon is teaching China

  26. Cue the "wow, what is this fantastic product called and where can I buy it" comment and the magical response with the link and all the details. Stop sneaking ads into my Reddits, peoples!

  27. LOL chinas sat in orbit can take pics, everyone here buying into the media calling it chinas, they dont need it when they already have sats

  28. Satellites take pictures. This is to observe and intercept communication signals. And China said it was their "weather science balloon".

  29. Certainly none of your business, and of no relevance to this balloon conversation

  30. And I hope it continues to go strong! Maybe I’m getting old but it seems like not long ago at all I was hyped to see the 380 was doing its test flight and whatnot. That was 2005. I’m getting old.

  31. That shape and color/brightness is pretty consistent with a common weather balloon that hasn't fully inflated with altitude yet (as atmospheric pressure go way down, the pressure inside the balloon inflates the envelope).

  32. "Good morning chaps! I hear you're going to be attempting to land on a ship at a high angle of incidence, so I put the prop in the back to make it less boring for you lads. No need to thank me!" - Miles, probably

  33. Why ironically? Did you expect to hate it? Did you end up hating it? :)

  34. It's just surreal. The right has slowly been taken over by human talking points who have no interest in actually making a difference for the country but instead are just reactionary trolls trying to "own the Libs" or score some imaginary ideological points. In the meantime, the American people makes very little progress. I wasn't super fond of Republicans like McCain, but at least they were there to DO THEIR ACTUAL JOB, and find ways to make it all work. And they all had chosen a long dutiful career.

  35. I encountered the situation a couple days ago on eBay and debating the ethics. Do you tip the seller off that they are seriously underestimating the value of the very rare item, or do you side with the buyers who might get an amazing opportunity? In this case it's an auction but the starting price is literally 10x less than the low-ball value of the thing

  36. Hmmm is the seller a trustworthy sort? Because sometimes people sell their ill gotten goods on the cheap so there's no evidence. Like maybe there was a bad breakup and wants to punish the ex?

  37. Yeah... without saying much, in this case it's a piece of memorabilia from a movie and you can tell by the username that the person it was autographed to is actually the person selling it (it's a rare item in itself and it was autographed by a well-known director to a lesser known filmmaker). And they have a 100% rating, it's not a 0 feedback burner account

  38. If implemented the way it's described, it's going to infuriate the user base enough to crash the company into the ground. They would have to quickly revert some changes, or just go down in flames...

  39. Surprisingly small in person

  40. I wouldn't call that small... It's the same length as an Embraer 175 airliner...

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