1. I go to Comedy shows alone. It's like watching theater to me, I have to be able to sit and listen and concentrate. Alone is best.

  2. My Mom and as the saying goes, "like mother, like daughter."

  3. Uninterrupted sleep is something I dream about in-between interrupted sleeps.

  4. 45yo here and I can sympathize. It's a very interesting time in life and by interesting I mean omfg what a struggle. In solidarity, I see you my peri-menopause sister.

  5. I go very often. I drive myself and no drinks, no out to eat, just to the show and right back home. Less can go wrong the less factors involved.

  6. Totally everything has to be cooked. I could never have raw broccoli from a crudite platter, I'd be sick for 3 days inflated like a hot air balloon.

  7. To avoid blogging, trust me the employees of all shipping companies dislike her very much right meow. Messed up someone's route that's timed to the minute.

  8. My hair is most important, cut and color every 4 weeks so about $2000 yr including product.

  9. Tonight I made a salad and a mozzarella, tomato, basil sandwich.

  10. I point and yell, "Booooo!" I love they blow one red light to sit at another 50ft ahead.

  11. 64°F, I dislike a hot, stuffy house. My husband will crank it to 70° and I just slowly wither and die.

  12. My car got egged last night in Southie. Luckily it wasn't like last time which was in the dead heat of August. It smelled like an omelet. Barf.

  13. Hi, I live in Boston too and have for the last 20 years.

  14. Bostonian here who has visited CA. The craziest thing was we went once in November, it was 70° and we're all wearing t-shirts and shorts and all the L.A. people were wearing winter clothing 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Omg I haven't gone to the bathroom alone in 9 yrs! Good company, I guess.

  16. Does Ash ever post about her diet, not meaning weight-loss but nutrition? Just curious if she's ever tried that avenue to help herself?

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