1. You say Albertans don't want this but let's see who they elect next election.

  2. Ucp want run on their coal policy, or announce it. If the win they will destroy the mountains and it's already been shown Albertans don't support that.

  3. Sure buddy. I guess I'm way more cynical of my fellow Albertan. Joe Alberta will have their say in a couple of months. Let's see what Joe Alberta thinks.

  4. If the republicans get control in 2024 this will be done a on a national level. The GOP will strip women of basic rights! vote ABC, anyone but consevatives!

  5. There isn't enough money for public schools in Calgary and Edmonton but they are expanding charter schools. Ucp are purposely underfunding public to break it.

  6. Dude is a bigot. Using religious to justify hate, doesn't change it's still hate.

  7. He can believe what he wants, and people can call him out on his hate.

  8. What hate? What I see it hate from ppl who try and force compliance and this is a great example right here

  9. What religious values does he hold where he can't wear a pride jersey ?

  10. https://twitter.com/ScooterCasterNY/status/1637508550103638019?s=19

  11. Lol i hope he spend quite a bit of money to get there! Also fuck the proud boys!

  12. You do realize health Canada approved drugs to ensure they are safe right?

  13. They don't even care what the evidence shows.... Both parties are not the same!

  14. It should be only up to the family, and Smith should not share announce any details!

  15. Just because she has an opinion, does not mean there are plans to expand this.

  16. It shows that she believes some workers don't deserve living eages. She and the UCP stand with the rich

  17. Lol so do you ignore the fact that she as said she wants to end public healthcare? Consevatives don't like when the public hears the things their party wants to do.

  18. Presidents that commit crimes should be held accountable. How can republicans by the party of law and order and oppose criminals like Trump getting charged... Hypocrites!

  19. So what? It’s posted to expose government corruption through interference in the justice system. This will cause people to rightfully be upset with the UCP. I’m pointing out that this sort of corruption, which the article is about, also applies to the federal Liberal party.

  20. What does Trudeau have to do Alberta politics for this? Also I bet you vote UCP.

  21. Well, it seems you’re willfully not engaging with what I’m saying. You’re being disingenuous.

  22. So once you dont loke Smith's unethical behavior will you be voting UCP?

  23. Shouldn't Smith just appoint her own 'special rapporteur' to investigate?

  24. Same procedure Trudeau used; they'll 'consult all parties' and then Smith will choose.

  25. Alberta as a Ucp majority government so if it's waited by mlas than the UCP still decide

  26. If progressives had free reign to enact policies, there is no telling how much we would change people’s lives.

  27. The Senate needs to be abolished or changed to proportional representation

  28. Silencing scientist, and making government employees sign loyalty to the government no matter what is good?

  29. There is proof that the Harper government got them to sign loyalty basically to the cpc, and they silenced government employees from speaking unless the remarks were approved.

  30. Anyways you have shown how you are. You don't care about the working class, you want them to make less than 15/hr. Try to show some solidarity with the working class.

  31. You have shown me who you are. You don’t care if people have jobs. You want them at home living off the government. Try to show some compassion

  32. You the lowest paid of jobs even if they are struggling mok because they have a job...

  33. Why wouldn’t you acknowledge the contribution of the Alberta government with our tax dollars?

  34. As a Canadian and Albertan I am surprised that Ucp supporters ignore the good the federal funds have done. Why do some Ucp surporters hate Canada?

  35. Of course be he is white and a cop. Republicans want to give people that get abortions the death penality but are 100% ok with this cop getting off.

  36. Registration in the Liberal Party of Canada is open without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or physical disability. To be eligible for Registration in the Party, a person must: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) be at least fourteen (14) years of age; support the purposes of the Party; ordinarily live in Canada or for Canadians living abroad, be qualified as an elector who may vote in accordance with part 11 of the Canada Elections Act; not be a member of any other federal political party in Canada; and while Registered as a Liberal, not have publicly declared an intention to be a candidate for election to the House of Commons other than as a candidate of the Party.

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