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  1. A journalist pointed out that people who aren't seniors, don't have kids, don't drive or don't directly pay their utility bills won't see as much benefit as others, but Jones defended the plan.

  2. No one should be in prisons for simply having weed on them, the war on drugs is dumb.

  3. While I agree with you on how destructive a long modern civil war would be, the number of dead might not be that high, Gettysburg the bloodiest battle ever to take place on American soil actually had fewer deaths that die from gunshot wounds every year in America.

  4. Makes me wonder if he is hiding anything else. Also as a politician he should be 100% aware that he can't accept funds from out of the provinces or from business.

  5. I see he returned 30 donations and quite a few big donations. Probably developers.

  6. The liberal NDP government suggested cancelling Disney and skipping the odd meal might help. It seems no one cares that we can no longer afford food or gas or housing… only thing left is revolution, maybe that’s what they want be they sure as hell are not governing for us the people. Defund deposed polititions

  7. PP said to buy Bitcoin and never face inflation..... If anyone followed his advice they would be declaring bankruptcy.

  8. We are, and the election can't come soon enough. Smith is a huge embarrassment with no mandate!

  9. They beleive in science, smith is anti vaxxer that listens to crazy anti vaxxer doctors.

  10. They haven't taken the baby from the parents - the courts have just given 'medical' decision making to 2 x named doctors. The parents still have custody, and can do all other decision making that isn't medical.

  11. Thanks for the additional info! I feel for the baby having anti vax parents won't be good for their development.

  12. Exactly. Imagine being in an emergency needing blood but refusing until they can get enough pints from your family and then screen it first.

  13. Hopefully there is no civilian in the area left.

  14. When did this happen I can't find anything since may the references a bill for this?

  15. https://www.gov.ca.gov/2022/12/05/governor-newsom-unveils-price-gouging-penalty-on-big-oils-excessive-profits-to-protect-californians-from-being-ripped-off/

  16. I have no problem with reasonably priced healthcare based on a persons income.. Probably the only model that would work reasonably well and be humane at the same time...

  17. Personally I think healthcare is a human right. Many times people get sick and it's no fault of their own. Life without health is really hard.

  18. “This is not about dem or gop (it just goes out of its way to only name one).”

  19. Let's read the one part where it says dem and ignore 99% of the content...

  20. Weird, I JUST saw a front page post blaming this vote on the Republicans like 3 days ago

  21. You love to hear that! Good job consevatives you really owned the libs!

  22. In a statement reported by state broadcaster CCTV, China’s State Council unveiled 10 new guidelines that loosen some restrictions – most notably, allowing home quarantine and largely scrapping the health QR code that has been mandatory for entering most public places.

  23. Yes! 51 is huge for so many reasons. For one no more power sharing the Republicans!

  24. When did they say it was perfect? Also when did smith reject suggestions that this was a mistake? I mean I can provide a link to the press conference when bell asked this question, and what her response was.

  25. Last week's press conference. They also said they didn't have those type of powers and everyone pointing it out was wrong.

  26. Well they didn't say it was perfect, or if you can show me when they said that, then I agree that an apology would be deserved.

  27. Never face inflation! Why do people get upset at this one. I can't remember who said it.

  28. OMG, these things are hollow! A 40 ton tracked vehicle will just crush them :surprise:

  29. On Jan6 they were calling him begging for help.

  30. In my opinion they always have been. The gop being good was always a myth

  31. It was inappropriate for Kevin McCarthy & Mitch McConnell for being there

  32. Lol is Adam referring to the Trump Organization that was found guilty, or did he see something in Trump's tax returns?

  33. Yep, my mom loves paying half her income for Medicare and then not being able to afford to use it because of the co-pays and deductibles.

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