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  1. Same with me lmao, i literally spent 1 second of effort on it and i'm now i'm the top 1000

  2. it's not the zombies that will cause an apocalypse, it's actually plants with swords and machetes

  3. I think I may have gone for the same joke, and I’m also looking for decent field items. I’ll let you know if I come across any!

  4. Really? what did you thought of? (btw i know one field item but it's apparently a recharge So It's unavailable

  5. The harvest girls both have field items and were not recharges, but sadly haven’t come back for crafting yet

  6. if you participate as much as possible in the next season, you'll get lots of cool cosmetics to wear (at least that's what i was told.. it's my first time with seasons)

  7. i think you're the first person who actually built a normal house for the angler

  8. i always thought he says "i know your mom"

  9. wait those are builds not fanart... i had to look at it like 5 times before realising it

  10. It looks like the bunny version of fake boobs

  11. But isn't this just concerningly big? I have never seen such a big dewlap before

  12. how come yall dream about marrying the first person you see but i dream about random crap like building a robot factory on Mars

  13. no way, Norman got a mecha suit from Japan

  14. it's most likely because you bought the umbrella, i have them too wnd i was told they will turn to seasonal candles for the next season once it starts

  15. You also learning Languages with trash dentist

  16. i think she's been diagnosed with the NLOG syndrome or the quirky girl syndrome

  17. is the update out on mobile yet or is my phone stupid

  18. does she has 1 horse power or 2 human power

  19. Beta Tinia represents female armor in games

  20. is that Switch exclusive? i saw some having a SC there during shattering season

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