1. So it might have been your gf, seriously this isn't vanila and without mods...

  2. Tbh antiquarian is too new and I think since last time it was a surv peps expected a hunter so I am happy at the very least a hunter got the chinese anniversary skin....kinda wished it was for Ann tho...🥲

  3. Nice answer thanks, not too sure why you got so many downvotes? Lol thanks for sharing anyway :) you’re awesome

  4. That is the best example of what you shouldn't do if you are ''mysterious''...claim you are ''mysterious''..

  5. Seriouwly were are peps getting so much miss info, wasn't there just 2 post on this reddit within the last week?? Same question pretty much, answered multiple times.....

  6. Are you talking about irl .What are the temperatures in your area and were you feeding them yourself if not they need a carnivorous diet

  7. If its real life then there would be corpses....vanishing seems to mean ''de spawning'' in game

  8. Witchractf is a craft...even someone that naturaly is really good at painting there aren't an artist aslong as they didn't say so themself!!

  9. No shade but one can't really see anything.

  10. Question— my sister said that when you signed up for voting who you thought was coming into the crossover that’s how you got 10 and then they gave an additional 10 for the crossover all together to equal 20. My question is— if you didn’t sign up/vote if you are still able to get the first 10? I believe I signed up and voted but it happened so long ago and I don’t remember.

  11. No I think the whoel voting was a seoerate thing

  12. Seriously its always the WuChang skins!!! NE!! Explain.

  13. Funy, when I play with my sister and we both want to be squire one of us usually end up as king nontheless T-T

  14. I like the part where weeping clown magically gets turned into Fireworks Guy for 2 seconds with a suspiciously placed jump cut

  15. So what the fuck are we going to do with all those essences then?????? Will they be deleted or will they transfer to the new season essence????????

  16. Funy enoigh I heard rummors that the angels of death crossover (wich was planed in 2023) is now comming in december...like???? Yall nees to better scedule stuff!

  17. I was told I was a Crystal child by a tv medium once. Literally I give it no thought today.

  18. Honestly, I think the idea of things like indigo children, starseeds, otherkins, and all that are crap. Just ways for people to feel special.

  19. Its the magiacl equal of a ''mary sue''.

  20. I'm not saying they should expect more but idk.... To me it feels unfair to make AND claim a game is f2p when there's things that are ONLY for the ones who pay. And I'm not saying that "oh it's so unfair woe is me", I'm just saying that more people would feel even more inclined to play the game more if they knew they at the very least had a chance of getting this content.

  21. I mean...f2p means ''free to PLAY'' not geting a skin isn't stoping pne from playing and therfor NE is in no way in zhe wrong to claim zhere game is ''f2p'' in all ways...since it IS!

  22. I'm not saying it's unfair to want to make this paid content... I mean the licensing and all the shebang behind DOES cost money. And I understand them wanting to charge something for it and I'm fine with it. I'm not asking for them to just give the skins for free on my hand but what I AM saying is that, I don't see THAT much of a drawback making it also frags... I mean Netease has like a BUNCH of games that probably brings them enough money to cover some people getting the skin by frags.... But again, Idk their budget so I won't say much more on that front. I just think it would make people want to spend more time in the game if they could at least have a chance to get these skins as well.

  23. So you mean its ''unfair'' in meaning of just generaly the world and situation and not unfair of NE. I feel like that spesifyed wording was important (if I understood you right)

  24. I literaly hate this building and I refuse to call THIS ''restored'' when it looks this ugly compaired with how it used to look.

  25. During chinese new year 2022 they released this official art (obvi this one is croped) with THIS beutyfull design for Ann and they never released a skin for her. T-T🥲

  26. it was a joke because my main didn't receive any skin for practically 1 year and a half

  27. From the season 24 essence 1 trailer, she gets this B-tier and looked BEUTYFULL in the trailer!

  28. I love it!!! We really need more Ann content, NE needs to see that she would SELL!!! If they can make money out of her she will get alot of skins, so NE listen!!!! We need Ann content!

  29. Her vaulting debuff is actually getting halfed with the next season!

  30. Isn't that like a repeating quest so you get more rewards everyday? (Like just 20 of those puzzke pieces but still)

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