1. They are great. Despite many negative reviews in recent months, I’ve yet to have a bad experience in the last 2 years. I also seen the truffle smalls and it looked pretty nice. Also seen someone post some concentrate a few days back and it wasn’t poop. Many people here had 1 bad experience with them and now have a death grudge. I really don’t understand haha. First time I bought fire lands my spilt vanilla LR cart didn’t even fire and I had to send them pictures and a video of my battery. They made it right though and sent me a $50 visa gift card. Just a few weeks ago I bought a peach ice cream luster pod from them and it was great! Moral is don’t let 1 bad experience define your future.

  2. If the concentrates aren’t poop why do they have to use the CRC columns? Everything they put out besides their rosin screams CRC. Sadly the patients in the program don’t understand what CRC is and why it’s not safe. But hey if it’s fire to you by all means have at it. Live resin should never have to CRC’d.

  3. This is thier only strain I've never tried. I seen my dispensary has rainbow sherbet from Woodward Wonder if they made an error and it's actually sunset sherbet.? I've never heard of Woodward rainbow sherbet

  4. Yeah also went by this recommendation and grabbed some of the glue pie. Taste like jack herer not terrible but definitely not what I was expecting. Prolly gonna pass on them next time.

  5. Was this recently? Did you get a tenth? Just spit balling I've had similar issues like the galenas bickett og saw a post ware it was 40%thca but the batches that got sent down here were hovering at 34% idk how or why it will vary like that.

  6. Animal face from Woodward is sativa dom and doesn’t have any terpinolene in it

  7. You have to look at the lineage of the parent strains as well bc those will affect the outcome and different phenos will contain a various terpene profiles so one might end up sativa dom and some will turn out indica dom.

  8. That makes sense and was part of what I was missing but I'm still not getting how they arrive at the specific numbers they do. Like why 80% Sativa? Did the original breeders literally just smoke some and say "this feels like 80% Sativa" like some folks are saying? If that's the case, it's interesting that there's still a consensus among cultivators/breeders that a certain strain is a certain ratio. Like you dont see other cultivators growing the same pheno and saying it's only 40% Sativa because that's "how it felt" to them. I understand how terps come into play but I've seen "Sativas" with what most consider Indica terps (in our program Super Sour Orange comes to mind first) so I know they cant be completely going by that. What else am I missing as far as how they arrive at specific numbers? Am I overanalyzing and they just kinda guess? Sorry for the wordiness etc, I sincerely appreciate your time and effort in explaining this to me!

  9. Honestly I wouldn’t read to much into the percentages bc it can get tricky. I would suggest keeping a journal and tracking terpene profiles to figure out what works best for you. I think has to do with the parents and which one was the male and which one was the female. Breeding is something I still have a lot to learn about so I can’t give you a full blown explanation I apologize.

  10. Yeah I was excepting it to be on the dry side the first time I saw the container but have always had good moisture so far

  11. Damn yeah I grabbed some Larry last year that was amazing. Figured I’d grab some more last week. Grabbed a lemon royal and watermelon cake and it’s in my trash can rn. Tried a lil bit of both and they were both ridiculous dry no terps and the lemon royal was literally yellow.

  12. Just picked some of the Animal Mints up last night. Solid, beats Woodward and certified if you ask me. A little dry but what isn’t right now?

  13. Yeah but the difference is The Standard will refund 100% of your purchase if your not happy with the product. Klutch doesn’t do that lol. Still shame on these cultivators for putting these batches out in a medical program.

  14. Looks like it’s been CRC’d. these extractors are making it so I don’t wanna dab anything in our program. Even if it’s not crc Lighthouse still uses some type of remediation on their extracts to get this whiteish color. Kinda sad bc if it’s live resin you shouldn’t need to use any remediation bc the extract should come out a nice natural color. Also it definitely takes away from the start to some degree. Leaves it with an off after taste.

  15. Might suggest reaching out to them if you have questions about their methods. I have, and have heard, nothing but glowing reviews. Highly suggest you give them a shot! ✌️❤️🌳

  16. Appreciate it man but I already have trust me. Got the full run down. Still not my cup of tea. Live resin shouldn’t need remediated. If you’ve only experienced it in our program then trust me when I say it gets a whole lot better than what is offered to us.

  17. Lol yes it is. Please do a quick google search. If you find this on the inside of your “MEDICINE” and continue to smoke it. You’ll definitely have a bad experience. Even if it’s been remediated the mold spores are still left on the flower.

  18. I have looked at similar material under a microscope, it is resin crystals.

  19. Honestly If you want flower that’s done right its OCL or Woodward all day. Klutch has fallen the fuck off lately with mold. Galenas fell off awhile back when they started making all they’re changes to the trim process. Everyone else is subpar at best. Buckeye is kinda consistent but haven’t had anything that wowed me tbh. Not saying all of woodwards drop wow me either but atleast it consistently test high and looks/smells amazing most of the time. Definitely had drops that were shit too.

  20. Certified sucks too. Only consistent cultivator is OCL and they barely drop as it is

  21. Too bad they use CRC or some type of remediation. Look at the color. It’s suppose to be yellow not yellow white lol. Why even call it live resin at this point. These extractors need to get their shit together.

  22. In regards to PGR Galenas is ohios only certified "kind" grower. which leads too all organic soil grown bud. i think pgrs would get their "kind" certification revoked? i could be wrong though.

  23. They can claim that but there’s also been multiple who’ve been there that claim they’re using nutrients now.

  24. The problem child is my favorite flower (farkas) and extract (lighthouse diamond disposable vape, pressed from farkas flower) in the program at the moment.

  25. It’s not pressed it’s extracted. Rosin is pressed from hash. Completely different process.

  26. Still 4 months from harvest 🤢

  27. Obviously you’ve never had actually cured flower. Bet this taste/smokes better than 90% of the flower in this program.

  28. Klutch, verano and firelands for sure all use the IR machines for moldy weed. Prolly bet money Woodward does not use one. Can’t really speak on the other cultivators

  29. So all the other shit the dems are doing is ok? You guys are fucking wild. Let’s let the world crash and burn as long as we get to smoke. Wtf. Biden and all the dems are complete fucking morons. You guys should prolly cut down on smoking bc you guys sound stupid.

  30. Idk why you guys are acting like working in the cannabis industry is so much different than a regular job. You still need to put the time in and prove to the company your worth them paying you. Pretty simple equation here though. Original question was for an ENTRY level job in the cannabis industry, meaning the person applying has NO EXPERIENCE. Why would a company pay you more than a standard job if you have no experience. That’s pretty silly. If you do get hired in at 15 busy your ass for a year, prove to them your worth it and you’ll get a raise and promo. Your not getting a cultivation job with no experience. You start in the trim room and move up when you prove yourself. Just like any other job. Start at the bottom work your way up.

  31. First is CRCd in some way so first is Cured crumble. Second is live resin sugar

  32. I’d stay away from anything Verano. They’re constantly dealing with mold issues.

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