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  1. “I’m not good at math, but I am good at knowing what the law is” that had me dying

  2. There’s one brain cell between the both of them

  3. I love 1) how flabbergasted she looks and 2) how he’s looking at her like “this was your idea”

  4. These kinda remind me of those “liquid ice” breath mints from the early 2000’s

  5. I laughed way too hard when he missed the balloon

  6. I understood like 3 words max in that headline

  7. One orange brain cell and he’s using it to be a jerk

  8. Kinda looks like the RV from Ben 10

  9. This raises questions that I’m 100% ok not knowing the answers to

  10. Who tries to confront someone wearing just a towel

  11. Sometimes it hurts seeing others live your dream

  12. Rufus: “Oh were you trying to do something important? Too bad.”

  13. A cats #1 rule “if I fit I sit” never forget

  14. Seeing him doing all that ON THE BED made me irrationally upset

  15. Something I’ve thought about for a while, how do cops become so overweight or obese? Isn’t there some kind of physical requirement? There should be a yearly fitness test

  16. That’s one way to enter the backrooms

  17. Crap I think I left my phone in there

  18. POV: March 1st 1954 on the beach of Bikini Atoll

  19. I’ll take the choc donut with extra chonk

  20. I’m pretty sure the queen would have people to do that for her

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