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  1. they already do it they just don't do it with you

  2. They already do it you just don't know because you block them too and never text/call. Complaints are one-sided.*

  3. But Americans do use metric. We aren't buying ounces or pounds of cocaine. We are buying grams and kilos

  4. LOL I call bullsh¡t. No cop is going to let you prove you're sober by performing an act that you are professional at and can practically perform asleep or blindfolded. Especially in control of multiple knives that you could use for weapons!

  5. 100% agree. In the states, cops have NIGHTMARES about jugglers. They run in fear every time they see a bowling pin, poorly crafted chrome scimitar, or chainsaw. For 1000s of years , there has been a history of jugglers trying to get out of trouble by performing, then when the authority figure let's their guard down, the jugglers hurl their juggled objects into the air over the authority figure and crush, impale, or burn them to death.

  6. I taught middle school science and I now work as a analyst for a government contractor.

  7. I don't know, I think no matter how you slice it you have to have a pretty fundamental misunderstanding to say something like that

  8. Well, conception is the moment that the sperm attaches to the egg, which would rarely happen during sex. So probably not. More like random shots of girls laying in bed with tissues around her, or maybe girls working on their next client.

  9. You only have to be there for the conception, so just when the guy cums.

  10. But then you could say the same about death. Death is just the moment that the heart stops beating/brain activity stops. It is an infintesmilally small amount of time.

  11. escaping is a crime. also statistically its more likely that he did than he didnt

  12. He was doing "the time" for murder. "The crime" is the murder. It never said he did "the crime"

  13. No way. Big Bertha is not for banging, she's for using her weight and those big meaty hands to knead me like a ball of dough

  14. I don't want to live 3000 at all, that's way too long. Can't even imagine enduring that

  15. I used to be a lifeguard, and I can say that the feeling of saving a kid’s life is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s like a high that also brings confidence and a sense of purpose. I know that even if I fuck the rest of my life up, I gave two kids another chance at life.

  16. You really want to argue about this? You're hitting children because it's harmful and you're fine with it, because apparently you don't give a F about kids and their safety.

  17. Their safety? What long term damage is sustained from a spanking? My butt isn't red anymore. It's a little small, but I don't think that's from being hit as a child...should we compare?

  18. Exactly! How else are they going to learn that violence is ok? We don't want children to be scared of everything!

  19. I found another thread with the same joke i guess the joke is just not funny and is meant to be frustrating

  20. Substitute a meal for sex: slow and sensual or rough and fast? Slow

  21. Check out the pvme discord for a gear upgrade order guide :)

  22. Thank you! I'll check it out. Does it require an invite? I'm a noob with discord too. I feel like an old man every time I open it

  23. If you type "pvme discord" into google it should be among the first few results, as it is a fairly well know discord server. :) Description should be something like "osrs and rs3 guides for all skill levels"

  24. That's a pretty smart play. Given inflation if you ever want to comeback, bonds is probably the only item that will scale up with inflation since it's a direct ratio between RW money vs in game gold. Just make sure to make them tradable before you quit otherwise you can't afford to convert them to the tradable versions when you're back lol.

  25. Last I played bonds were 24mil, and I had a bunch of them that I recently sold. But feathers jumped from 1-2gp to 14...and I had put in a half billion dollar buy at 1gp. I don't know when the order was filled, but I've almost sold it all off at 14gp/feather

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