1. My boys name is Lenny too! First time seeing another dachshund with the same name 🥰🥰

  2. I told my chiropractor that I was waking up with numb hands at night, and she messed with the nerves in my shoulders. I haven’t had any numbness since! She also does active release technique. I have never been so impressed with results from her!

  3. LOL yes very short name to begin with. Yes my dad is Dutch and his grandparents came to Canada on a boat.

  4. In English or? Because that seems like a run-of-the-mill name in Dutch, totally fine.

  5. I thought up this meme after the bathroom doorknob broke apart, probably the 20th thing to break in my 2020 Forest River.

  6. Our 2018 forest river is amazing. I wonder if two years made that much of a difference (bought used)

  7. Could be that the original owners got all of the problems fixed and were exhausted so they sold it off? 😅 I know it was a good one to two years from buying our Forest River before it was enjoyable because of all of the problems that would come up.

  8. What happens to the dirt when they become this root bound?

  9. Congratulations!!! My mom was 39 when she found out she was pregnant with me, had a happy and healthy pregnancy. I’m not sure about the liver disease, but I wish you the best!

  10. Same situation here.. my question is will we retain some of this boob or are they just gonna be saggy boobless sacks after all is said and done?

  11. I swear I’ve been feeling movement and I’m at 13+5! FTM. I was laying still before bed the other day and I thought maybe a cramp in my ovary or ligament pain but I focused on the feeling and could tell it was fluttering around very low in my belly! Two days later and I can still feel the fluttering, even when I’m standing

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