1. for sure, its just different than say BR or POW who support the communities they grew up in...

  2. Caramels are soo good, I ate two with a Smores Last night at the fire! perfect nightcap dose

  3. Check out Michel Junod. He’s a SC legend and I’m sure he could pull something together for you.

  4. Nah. Totally good. El Pelicano surf camp has driven me a bunch times at night.

  5. 100% repaired. Each shaper has a specific nose profile and finish sand.

  6. Got farkas Problem Child and it's fire. Idk why theres so many bad reviews on here

  7. I will say after using it a bit, effects are strong… taste is Missing entirely. Not worth $50+ tax for a 2.83g.

  8. Our ancestors in Michigan would turn on their grave if they found we paid $20 for 100 mg

  9. Always somebody quoting Michigan prices… I always want to Columbia Coke prices w my local dealer but I’d get shot. Remember when weed was illegal, how much were gummies then haha

  10. $49 a .5 G I’m gonna be sick lol. Their live badder isn’t even good

  11. That is a .9 if you read the details, just picked it up and it is fire for sure

  12. I know, I said the same thing to my girlfriend lol. But they’re live batter is been pretty good lately

  13. It also shortens the rail line. Allowing for easier maneuvers on the face

  14. That's sad people think 20$ is cheap for 100mg . Lol smh stupid ohio.....

  15. Cheap for Ohio you fucking piece of shit. Obviously you can buy fucking cheaper Gummies elsewhere.

  16. Sorry but I just tried the click pen RSO from the solid and it is powerful. Would definitely recommend. Got it 25% off at my local Springfield dispensary. Haven’t seen the Avitia. Used to use Botanist but I cannot stand normal syringes for RSO.

  17. Is this one pretty strong, effects wise? Would you buy it again? It's $77 out the door where I'm at. Just wondering if it's worth it

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