1. Always a great sign when the solvent is still purging from the end product lmao

  2. Me personally, I would say something to them about it. Now if it becomes a hassle to get a new one then I’d deal with it or try for a discount on something else

  3. What’s they can feel bad, I worked in surf shops for a very long time and that’s a kook thing to do. It’s not their fault and even if it was … karma Karen

  4. Would you buy a new car with a dent in it?

  5. $399 piece of foam Toy made to slide on water, rocks and jump all over on vs $20,000++ hunk of plastic and metal bits. Your comparison sucks mate haha 😛

  6. my own thinking is this, the current LLCs are profiting well in this system and do not care for it to change unless the profit goes up with the changes

  7. Both of those statements are illogical based on economics and all past medical markets globally.

  8. Leave base camp kinda cold, I wear a synthetic T, and a light down if dry conditions, T and Shell for snowy/wet.

  9. Firelands has a greenhouse for sure, believe Grow Ohio/Butterfly effect is indoor

  10. I think they consider greenhouse outdoors. Sun grown would probably be a better way to describe.

  11. This guy stole a Lost Subdriver pintail from my yard while I was outside around the corner of my house. I was talking to my neighbors for less than 5 minutes before going to wash it. Brazen midday heist. The board is broken and not water tight. He got the worst board I was cleaning. He missed 1K worth of other boards. I was going to sell it for $50 to save money to buy a new longboard. My longboards were also stolen at 3AM back in May after being in the same place for 5 years. They were also broken and worth a $100, but sentimental and worth riding. DT Santa Cruz. If they're reading this put them back with an apology note or I'll go full Taken. I already called the cops, they were actually caring for once, I got more footage, and the entire neighborhood is on alert.

  12. Sucks. We used to get people trying to sell us stolen wetties all the time at Rip Curl and Buell when I worked there.

  13. Any recommendations on where to check besides CL and FB.

  14. Stolen shit always wound up at play it again sports in sequel. Or swap meet.

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